NCPH inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of practitioners in putting history to work in the world by building community among historians, expanding professional skills and tools, fostering critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocating for history and historians. In short, NCPH bring together people, agencies, business, and institutions to share a commitment to putting history to work.

The National Council on Public History Annual Fund helps fund our program by providing budgetary support for daily operating expenses, from people and practices to web and print. Annual funds provide support for our professional journal The Public Historian; our on‐line presence through History@Work; the annual meetings; public history advocacy; and curriculum and training materials to support the teaching of public history.

Every dollar we raise makes an impact on the field of public history. Gifts to the Annual Fund account for approximately 5% of the yearly operating budget. Although only a small portion of our budget, the Annual Fund is a priority of the NCPH strategic plan. Our goal is to increase the resources available to NCPH each year, allowing us to more quickly and effectively meet the needs that arise within the public history field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Annual Fund?

A:  The NCPH Annual Fund consists of unrestricted and restricted gifts given each year by individual members, patrons, partners, and public history supporters to accomplish the work of NCPH. The Annual Fund meets many needs in the yearly operating budget, sustaining and improving advocacy and outreach activities, providing awards that bring students and new professionals to our annual conferences, and recognizing outstanding scholarship and innovation in public history practice.

Q:  Why does NCPH need an Annual Fund?

A:  Like other non‐profit, member‐based service organizations, NCPH relies on funds raised by our Annual Fund to help pay for budgeted operating expenses. By design, membership does not cover all the annual organizational expenses. This helps keep membership affordable and promotes economic diversity within our organization’s member base.

Q:  How much should we give?

A:  Because each person’s situation varies, we ask that you give a gift that makes you feel good. We hope that our members will make NCPH a philanthropic priority and give as generously as their circumstances allow, but every gift, no matter the size, truly makes an important difference to the field.

Q:  Will my gift be tax‐deductible?

A:  Yes, the National Council on Public History is a 501(c)3 not‐for‐profit organization and all gifts are tax‐deductible.