NCPH continues to grow as young historians bring their vision to the field, while the first and second generations of public historians are retiring or entering the mature years of their professional lives. Many of the latter have experienced significant professional success and have benefited from the consolidation of purpose the NCPH provides. Joining the Legacy Circle of the NCPH returns the gift of permanency to an organization that has not only provided an intellectual foundation for professional development, but also a home for public history practitioners. Joining the Legacy Circle now is timely. Having seen budget cuts in state governments across the country, we know we can do more to guarantee support for the editorial and executive offices. Also, NCPH is growing and will require more administrative support, not less.The Legacy Circle invites donors who will pledge significant in-hand or deferred donations. NCPH already has received pledges totaling nearly $200,000 in deferred gifts. More are needed to ensure the organization can continue to serve public historians for decades to come.

Please contact the executive director (317) 274-2716 or [email protected]) for information about supplying NCPH with a letter of intent or to learn more about the Legacy Circle giving levels and their benefits.

The Legacy Circle invites donors who will pledge significant in-hand or deferred donations to ensure the organization can continue to serve public historians for decades to come.  There are two Legacy Circle “rings.”  The Supporter Ring includes individuals who pledge deferred donations or donate between $10,000 and $25,000.  The Sustainer Ring includes individuals who pledge deferred donations or donate above $25,000.  In gratitude for contributions at these levels, NCPH will provide benefits such as the following:

Supporter Ring
  • Acknowledgement (unless anonymity is requested) in NCPH publications and on the website
  • Burnished bronze “Legacy Circle” pin
  • Invitation to a special reception at each annual meeting
  • Invitation to participate in long-term planning for NCPH
Sustainer Ring

All benefits of the Supporter Ring, plus:

  • Burnished bronze “Legacy Circle” pin with inset pearls
  • Complimentary one-year membership in NCPH
  • Three one-year gift memberships in NCPH for the Sustainer to share with students, new professionals, or others who will help the expand the NCPH circle


Making Legacy Gifts

There are many ways to make significant donations to NCPH, an official United States tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization.  Here are some examples:


These can be gifts of money or of personal property, for a charitable deduction based on the full market value of the gifts.


These are gifts of a specified amount or portion of an estate after death, allowing control over the asset during one’s lifetime. Here is some sample language for a will.


Residual retirement assets after death can be assigned to NCPH.


These are contracts under which NCPH, in return for a transfer of cash, securities, real estate or other assets, agrees to pay the donor a fixed annual income for his or her lifetime, enabling security for both parties to the contract.


These are gifts of real property no longer needed or used, enabling reduction or elimination of capital gains tax.

There are additional ways to effect long-term or deferred donations.  Consulting an estate accountant or attorney to craft a donation suitable to your circumstances is advised