Conference Materials

This is a page for materials generated during and after the 2019 Annual Meeting in Hartford, CT.

If you would like to contribute notes, tweets, blogposts, photos, or other items, email us at [email protected]

  • The conference hashtag was #ncph2019.  Here it is on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
  • Check out our photos from the week on Flickr.  (Thank you to all the volunteers who photographed throughout the conference!)



  • W2. Seeking to Mend: Digital Documentation and Mass Gun Violence Hackathon — the resulting website can be found at 
  • W7. Digital Public History Lab


  • Pre-conference blog post about WG6. Building the Inclusive Historian’s Handbook on History@Work 
  • Find links to all off the pre-conference case statements on the Working Group Page of the conference site
  • WG5. Early Career Public History Academics: Questions, Issues, Resources — Tweet thread reflection by Lindsey Passenger Wieck


  • “Reflections on #NCPH2019” —post meeting recap by Rachel Boyle
  • “Sage By the Side, Repair Work, and #MeToo: Some Reflections on attending NCPH 2019” post meeting recap by Nick Sacco


  • Know History asked public historians at the meeting about their work and views on history — see their videos on Facebook here and here


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