2021 Conference Program

Welcome to the main page for NCPH 2021 programming and schedule information!

Please click the links below to check out the digital Program for Virtual NCPH 2021, most recently updated on March 11. This doc (and the accompanying Schedule at a Glance) will let you get priority sessions and events on your calendar.

Download the digital Program for Virtual NCPH 2021
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For A more easily-digestible quick look at the schedule, download the Schedule at a Glance:
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(Questions about the schedule? Need a clarification or correction? Email Program Manager Meghan Hillman: [email protected].)


Virtual NCPH 2021 will take place between March 8-27, 2021. There will not be conference content every day—in fact, the majority of content will take place on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after noon Eastern time—but setting a longer duration for the conference will help us spread out social and networking events to avoid virtual event burnout for attendees and staff alike.

Here are some parameters:

  • The first week of the conference, March 11-13, will be dedicated to working groups and workshops, with a few special events. We also encourage you to use this week to watch pre-recorded content if you’re interested in participating in Live Q&As those presenters are hosting later in the conference.
  • Live concurrent sessions, the meat and potatoes of conference content as we traditionally think of it, will take place on March 18-20 and March 25-27 between noon and 5 pm Eastern time.
  • Pre-recorded content will be available for the duration of the meeting and beyond. The majority of live content will be recorded, unless presenters specify otherwise, and will also be available following the conference, though likely with a delay of a few weeks.
  • Shorter days will allow us to better accommodate the needs of many time zones and to recognize that most of us participate in virtual conferences while juggling other personal and professional responsibilities.

While this is very different than a traditional NCPH conference (our in-person meeting was originally scheduled for March 24-27, 2021), we hope this schedule will allow for maximum flexibility for attendees and presenters while helping our small staff pull off what will be a much more complicated endeavor than our usual conference.