A seventeen-member Board of Directors, elected by the membership, governs the NCPH with the active assistance of numerous committees which address administrative or policy issues, investigate and advise the organization on recent developments in the field, and support initiatives that enhance the practice of public history. If you would like to nominate someone for service on the NCPH board, please fill out the form available here.


President: Alexandra Lord
, National Museum of American History. [email protected]
Vice President: Marla Miller, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [email protected]
Immediate Past President: Patrick Moore, New Mexico Historic Sites. [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Kristine Navarro-McElhaney, Arizona State University. [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer Elect: Sharon Leon, Michigan State University, [email protected]

Appointed Directors
Executive Director: Stephanie Rowe, National Council on Public History. [email protected]
Editor, The Public Historian: James F. Brooks, University of California, Santa Barbara. [email protected]
Digital Media Editor: Cathy Stanton, Tufts University. [email protected]

Elected Directors
Kristin Ahlberg, US Department of State. [email protected]
Melissa Bingmann, West Virginia University. [email protected]
Valerie Paley, New-York Historical Society Museum & Library. [email protected]
Jeff Pappas, New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division. [email protected]
Modupe Labode, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. [email protected]
Catherine Gudis, University of California, Riverside. [email protected]
Na Li, Zhejiang University, China. [email protected]
Joan Zenzen, Independent Historian. [email protected]

(Contact information for the Board of Directors is listed  here.) (Past officers and past members of the board are listed here).


Descriptions of the boards and committees appear below, and additional information can be found in the NCPH Bylaws (above).  Committee and committee chair appointments are made each year following the annual meeting. The Vice President makes the appointments with input from NCPH staff and committee chairs. Committee members serve for 2 year terms (with exception of the Nominating Committee and the various award committees, which serve 3 year terms) and committee chairs serve for renewable 1 year terms.

If you are interested in serving on an NCPH committee, please review the Committee Member Expectations, and then let us know by emailing [email protected] with a little information about yourself, and which committee(s) you are interested in serving on. Most committees have a vacancy or two; though we often have more volunteers than we can take.  We also encourage you to contact committee members with your ideas!


Board of Directors

Manages the business, property, and affairs of NCPH. The board defines and advances the NCPH mission, protects its financial and human assets, ensures adequate resources to carry out the mission, supervises and supports the executive director, and promotes the interests, programs, and reputation of NCPH. The Board of Directors includes the president, vice president, immediate past president, secretary-treasurer, and nine other elected members, with the executive director and the editor of The Public Historian serving as ex officio, non-voting members. The board meets during the NCPH Annual Meeting each spring and again in the fall.

Executive Committee

Has the authority and responsibility to conduct the affairs of NCPH on behalf of the Board of Directors, including taking action on advocacy issues, between board meetings. The committee sets the terms of employment for the executive director and reviews the executive office’s financial and other records.

  • Alexandra Lord (2016-2018), National Museum of American History and NCPH President. [email protected]
  • Marla Miller (2016-2018), University of Massachusetts Amherst and NCPH Vice President. [email protected]
  • Patrick Moore (2016-2018), New Mexico Historic Sites and NCPH Past President. [email protected]
  • Jeff Pappas, (2017-2018) New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division. [email protected]
  • Kristine Navarro-McElhaney (2012-2018), Arizona State University and NCPH Secretary/Treasurer. [email protected]
  • Stephanie Rowe (2015-Present; ex officio), NCPH Executive Director. [email protected]

Editorial Board of The Public Historian

Provides advice and contacts to the editors and editorial staff; recommends authors, reviewers, article topics, special issue themes, and general direction and policy for the journal; and reviews manuscripts.  The Editorial Board meets in-person twice each year.

Special Editors

  • James F. Brooks (Editor), University of California Santa Barbara. [email protected]
  • Sarah Case (Managing Editor), University of California Santa Barbara. [email protected]
  • Shelley Bookspan (Contributing Senior Editor), LifeStory Productions, Inc. [email protected]
  • Lindsey Reed (Contributing Senior Editor),  [email protected]
  • Randolph Bergstrom (Contributing Senior Editor), University of California Santa Barbara. [email protected]
  • David Vail (Book Review Editor), University of Nebraska at Kearney. [email protected]
  • Laura B. Moore (Assistant Review Editor), University of California Santa Barbara. [email protected]
  • Ben Houston (International Consulting Editor), Newcastle University, UK. [email protected]
  • Na Li (International Consulting Editor), Zhejiang University, China. linal[email protected]
  • Olwen Purdue (International Consulting Editor), Queen’s University, Belfast. [email protected]
  • Juliane Tomann (International Consulting Editor), Imre Kertész Kolleg, Jena. [email protected]

Nominating Committee

Identifies, determines the eligibility of, and recommends to the Board of Directors persons to be considered for elected offices of NCPH. Each October, the committee compiles the slate of candidates for the annual election.

Advocacy Committee of the Board

Consists of the members of the Executive Committee plus two to three additional non-voting members with special skills and interests in advocacy issues.  The committee reports to the Board of Directors on advocacy activities, which may include issuing public statements; and  supporting other organizations that mobilize support for funding history museums, historic sites, history education, historic preservation, and accessibility of historical resources; supporting open dialogue and informed discussion about history’s relationship to contemporary debates; and asserting the importance of professional public history practice.

  • Stephanie Rowe (2015-Present, Chair), National Council on Public History. [email protected]
  • Alexandra Lord (2014-2020), National Museum of American History and NCPH President. [email protected]
  • Marla Miller (2016-2022), University of Massachusetts Amherst and NCPH Vice President . [email protected]
  • Patrick Moore (2011- 2018), New Mexico Historic Sites and NCPH Past President. [email protected]
  • Kristine Navarro-McElhaney (2012-2018), Arizona State University and NCPH Treasurer. [email protected]
  • Jeff Pappas (2016-2018), New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division and NCPH Executive Committee. [email protected]
  • Richard Anderson (2017-2019), Princeton University. [email protected]
  • Suzanne Fischer (2017-2019), Michigan History Center. [email protected]
  • Mary Rizzo (2017-2019), Rutgers University- Newark. [email protected]
  • Jessica Johnson (2017-2019), University of Massachusetts Amherst. [email protected]

Long Range Planning Committee

The NCPH Long Range Planning Committee works in consultation with the organization’s staff, Board of Directors, and membership to draft a long range plan for the NCPH, to guide institutional decision making during the period 2017-2022.

Digital Media Group

Keeps the organization abreast of new electronic media technologies and features, considers whether and how these might be used to enhance NCPH’s work, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors about these matters. The group serves oversees digital media projects, such as NCPH blogs and efforts to make the annual meeting more accessible and innovative.

  • Cathy Stanton (2008-2016, Chair), Tufts University and NCPH Digital Media Editor. [email protected]
  • Stephanie Rowe (2015-Present, ex officio), National Council on Public History. [email protected]
  • Amy Tyson (2011-2019), Associate Editor, DePaul University. [email protected]
  • Priya Chhaya (2012-2018), Associate Editor, National Trust for Historic Preservation. [email protected]
  • Harry Klinkhamer (2012-2018), Facebook, Will County Historical Society. [email protected]
  • Adina Langer (2012-2018), Lead Editor, Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University. [email protected]
  • Laura Miller (2012-2018), Associate Editor, Rockefeller Archive Center. [email protected]
  • William Walker (2012-2018), Lead Editor, Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY Oneonta. [email protected]
  • Morgen Young (2012-2018), Associate Editor, Historical Research Associates, Inc. [email protected]
  • Andrea Burns (2014-2018), Associate Editor, Appalachian State University. [email protected]
  • Richard Anderson (2015-2019), Associate Editor, Princeton University. [email protected]
  • Julie Davis (2016-2018), THATCamp, Research for Indigenous Community Health (RICH) Center, University of Minnesota. [email protected]
  • Abby Curtin Teare (2016-2018), THATCamp, Cleveland History Center. [email protected]
  • Nick Sacco (2016-2018),  Twitter, National Park Service. [email protected] 
  • Modupe Labode (2016-2018), Copy Editor, IUPUI. [email protected]
  • Kristen Baldwin Deathridge (2017-2019),  Contributing Author, Appalachian State University. [email protected]
  • Evan Faulkenbury (2017-2019), Facebook/Contributing Author, SUNY Cortland. [email protected]
  • James McGrath (2017-2019), Contributing Author, Brown University. [email protected]
  • Chelsea Miller (2017-2019), Facebook/Contributing Author, SUNY Press. [email protected]
  • Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan (2017-2019), Contributing Author, Rutgers University — New Brunswick. [email protected]
  • Kristine Navarro-McElhaney (2018-2019), Twitter, Arizona State University. [email protected]
  • Christine Crosby (2015-present, ex-officio), National Council on Public History, [email protected]


Finance Committee

Assists the secretary-treasurer and executive director in preparing an annual budget and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the financial activities of NCPH, including the investment and management of endowment money and processes for utilizing these and other NCPH funds.

Development Committee

Advises and assists the Board of Directors on and with fundraising activities for the organization’s Endowment, Annual Fund, and Digital Integration fund.

Membership Committee

Advises the Board of Directors and the Executive Office on membership matters, including marketing, assessing and serving the membership’s needs, evaluating membership trends such as retention and demographic shifts, and recruiting new members.  Committee members individually seek out prospective NCPH members at the local, state, regional, and/or national level by promoting NCPH membership when attending conferences and other professional events. The committee also helps to organize the New Member Welcome as well as other events at the annual meeting.


Annual Meeting Program Committee (2018)

Spearheads planning efforts for the annual meeting by identifying speakers for special events; soliciting proposals for program content; and evaluating session, working group, and poster proposals to build a strong and inclusive program that reflects the full scope of public history and related fields.

Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (2018)

Provides local support for NCPH’s annual meeting, including assisting with local funding and sponsorship efforts; arranging tours and special events; and helping to market and advertise the meeting.

Annual Meeting Program Committee (2019)

  • Cathy Stanton (Co-Chair), Tufts University. [email protected]
  • Seth Bruggeman (Co-Chair), Temple University. [email protected]
  • dann Broyld, Central Connecticut State University
  • Andreas Etges (representing IFPH), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Amerika-Institut (LMU Munich)
  • Blanca Garcia-Barron, University of Texas at el Paso
  • Steven High, Concordia University
  • Devin Hunter, University of Illinois, Springfield
  • Sojin Kim, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
  • Patricia West McKay, Martin Van Buren NHS, NPS/SUNY Albany
  • Amber Mitchell, National World War II Museum
  • Tara White, Wallace Community College, Selma
  • Leah Glaser, Local Arrangements co-chair
  • Elizabeth Shapiro, Local Arrangements co-chair

Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (2019)

  • Leah Glaser (Co-Chair), Central Connecticut State University. [email protected]
  • Elizabeth Shapiro (Co-Chair), Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office. [email protected]
  • McKinley Albert, Camp Courant
  • Clarissa Ceglio, University of Connecticut
  • Ilene Frank, Connecticut Historical Society
  • David Glassberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Laurie Lamarre, Connecticut League of History Organizations
  • Gregg Mangan, Connecticut Humanities
  • Amanda Goodheart Parks, New England Air Museum
  • Heather Prescott, Central Connecticut State University
  • Pieter Roos, Mark Twain House
  • Matt Warshauer, Central Connecticut State University

Consultants Committee

Promotes the interests of NCPH members who provide historical services as consultants or contractors and assists the organization in keeping other public history practitioners informed about consulting activities and issues.  The committee organizes special sessions, workshops, and a reception during the annual conference and in other ways fosters discussion among individuals interested in consulting.

Committee for Government Historians

Promotes the interests of NCPH members who provide work as government or federal historians.

Curriculum & Training Committee

Monitors education standards and guidelines for the profession, develops ways of involving students in the functions of NCPH, and assists in promoting excellence in education and other training within the public history field. The committee organizes the Public History Educators Breakfast for the annual meeting, operates the Public History Educators email listserv, and conducts other initiatives of the organization.

Professional Development Committee

Organizes the Speed Networking event at the annual meeting and reviews and makes recommendations about professional development and continuing education opportunities, such as workshops.

New Professional and Graduate Student Committee

Helps the organization consider issues, services, and questions of concern to both graduate students and new professionals.  It organizes efforts at the annual meeting, on the NCPH website, and elsewhere aimed at both of these important NCPH constituencies, as well as making resources available to facilitate the transition from graduate student status to new professional.

Committee on Environmental Sustainability

Addresses and advises on pressing environmental issues as they pertain to the work of public historians in their wide ranging venues of practice and that of the NCPH. The committee uses the broadly-accepted Buntland Commission definition of sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” as its working principle. In an era defined by climate change, a growing world population, and the need to live and work with finite natural and financial resources, the committee seeks to advance environmental sustainability as a core principle of public history practice on par with other long-recognized principles such as shared authority and community empowerment.


Book Award Committee

Helps to promote the award, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipient and any honorable mentions.

Excellence in Consulting Award Committee

Helps to promote the “Excellence in Consulting” award, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipient(s).

G. Wesley Johnson Award Committee

Helps to promote the award, and in conjunction with the Editorial Office of The Public Historian, evaluates all articles from the eligible volume year, and selects and reports on the recipient.

NCPH and HRA New Professional Awards Committee

Helps to promote the awards, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipients.

Outstanding Public History Project Award Committee

Helps to promote the award, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipient.

Robert Kelley Award Committee

Helps to promote the award, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipient.

Michael Robinson Award Committee

Helps to promote the award, evaluates biennial submissions, and selects and reports on the recipient.

Student Project Award and Graduate Student Travel Award Committee

Helps to promote the awards, evaluates submissions, and selects and reports on the recipients.


Task Force on PH Education & Employment

  • Phil Scarpino (2014-present, Co-Chair), National Council on Public History
  • Dan Vivian (2014-present, Co-Chair), National Council on Public History
  • Kristen Gwinn-Becker (2015-present), National Council on Public History
  • Stephanie Rowe (2015-present), National Council on Public History
  • David Glassberg (2014-present), Organization of American Historians
  • Anthea Hartig (2014-present), Organization of American Historians
  • Aidan Smith (2014-present), Organization of American Historians
  • Jim Grossman (2014-present), American Historical Association
  • John Dichtl (2014-present), American Association for State and Local History
  • Scott Stroh (2014-present), American Association for State and Local History
  • Jackie Barton (2015 – present), American Association for State and Local History

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Council of Past Presidents

Advises NCPH Officers, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Office on a variety of matters involving the organization’s past and its future direction.


  • Jack Holl (1984-1985)
  • Arnita Jones (1987-1988)
  • Barbara Howe (1988-1989)
  • Ted Karamanski (1989-1990)


  • Brit Allan Storey (1991-1992)
  • Martin Melosi (1992-1993)
  • Philip Scarpino (1993-1994)
  • Patricia Mooney-Melvin (1994-1995)
  • Jeffrey Brown (1995-1996)
  • Dwight Pitcaithley (1998-1999)
  • Michael Devine (1999-2000)
  • Alan Newell (2000-2001)
  • Patrick O’Bannon (2001-2002)
  • Rebacca Conard (2002-2003)
  • James Gardner (2003-2004)
  • Sharon Babaian (2004-2005)
  • Robert Weible (2005-2006)
  • Bill Bryans (2006-2008)
  • Marianne Babal (2008-2010)
  • Martin Blatt (2010-2012)
  • Robert Weyeneth (2012-2014)
  • Patrick Moore (2014-2016)