Seventh monthly Consultants' Corner TweetChat

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Happy spring, all you consultants out in cyberspace! Monday, May 6th, will bring you our seventh monthly Consultants’ Corner Tweetchat. The chat will be held at 4:00 p.m. EST and the topic will be “international perspectives in historical consulting.” We hope you can join us, and we especially welcome consultants from nations outside the United States.Twitter_Bird

To participate in this and future TweetChats, you will need to sign up for a Twitter account by going to When it’s time for the chat, go to and enter #phconchat as the chat hashtag. Alternatively, you can work with a special Twitter browser like TweetDeck. Let us know if you have any questions in advance of the chat, and we hope to see you there on Monday!

~ The Consultants’ Corner Editorial Team (@NCPHconsultants)

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  1. Adina Langer says:

    Here is a transcript from today’s successful TweetChat! Please join us next time.'-TweetChat

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