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College on the Move Q&A: A living and public history trip through the Southeast

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Editor’s Note: How can students get valuable study abroad experience at home? John R. Legg, an Affiliate Editor with History@Work and PhD student at George Mason University, interviews Dr. Niels Eichhorn about a public history-oriented domestic study trip that introduced students to American Revolution, Civil War, and Civil Rights-era historical sites around the Southeast. Read More

“What Could It Have [Been] Then?”: Reflecting on the origins and historiography of a plantation historic site

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A big house. Stately trees. Curious outbuildings. In 1905, Pennsylvania-born tourist Matilda Kessinger marveled at the landscape before her, “something one always reads about but never sees.” After 18 years of traveling the South, Kessinger had finally found the one place that lived up to her romantic ideals of an antebellum plantation. Read More