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Exploring approaches to civic engagement through “Kitchen Conversations”

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Editor’s note: In this final post in our series on teaching with articles from The Public Historian, Kate Wilson discusses her experiences using Ruth Abram’s essay, “Kitchen Conversations: Democracy in Action at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum” (The Public Historian 29, no. Read More

Engaging contested memory in the classroom

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Editor’s note: In this latest post in our series on teaching with articles from The Public Historian, Professor Lara Kelland and MA student Sarah McCoy discuss their respective experiences using Christine Rieser Robbins and Mark W. Robbins’s essay, “Engaging the Contested Memory of the Public Square: Community Collaboration, Archaeology, and Oral History at Corpus Christi’s Artesian Park” (The Public Historian 36, no. Read More

Over-the-hill canes and ideal bodies: teaching disability history as public history

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Editor’s note: The post is the sixth in a series commissioned by The Public Historian that focuses on essays published in TPH that have been used effectively in the classroom. We welcome comments and further suggestions! If you have a TPH article that is a favorite in your classroom, please let us know. Read More

“A Shared Inquiry into Shared Inquiry” in the public history classroom

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When Tammy Gaskell posted to the History@Work blog asking public history educators to recommend articles from The Public Historian that work well in the classroom, I immediately replied with several options. At the top of my list was Katherine Corbett and Dick Miller’s “A Shared Inquiry into Shared Inquiry,” which appeared in the winter 2006 issue. Read More