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The topic I wish to present focuses on the effective creation of metadata in digital projects.  The discussion will include such things as types of material (both on-line and book form) available for creating the metadata, knowing how far to take the research and when to stop.  How to work with partners in your community in conducting the research (including volunteers) and why and how to create an “update schedule.”  I would like this to be a flowing discussion that can assist anyone from veterans of the digitization world to those who are just getting their feet wet.


Frequently institutions take on digital projects with little idea of the time it takes to create metadata that is beneficial to future users.  This session will look at what kind of information is available in the world of research (both on-line and in print), discuss how detailed the metadata should be and when it is time to stop the research, take time to review metadata records and assess the information and its pertinence and to discuss with attendees their successes and challenges.

If you have a direct offer of assistance, sensitive criticism, or wish to pass along someone’s contact information confidentially, please get in contact directly: Steven Rossio, [email protected]

If you have general ideas or feedback to share, please feel free to use the comments feature below.

All feedback and offers of assistance should be submitted by July 2, 2017.


  1. Jane Davis says:

    We could consider combining our two topics and doing a workshop or structured discussion of what kinds of metadata to use for digital projects and how to streamline and automate the creation of such metadata. I’d be open to the idea of combining if we get the interest.

  2. Cassie Clark says:

    I would love to participate in this project! I am the collection manager for the Utah American Indian Digital Archive and also completed an internship as a metadata cataloger for the Theodore Roosevelt Center during the summer of 2016. Please let me know if you have any questions about my work!

  3. I would also be very interested in participating. I’m the Director of the Lowcountry Digital Library and the Associate Director and Metadata Coordinator for the South Carolina Digital Library. I work with DPLA for metadata aggregation for the state of SC and teach workshops regularly on Dublin Core and MODS.

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