Frank G Perez, Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

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The proposed paper examines the First Thanksgiving of the Americas Festival in San Elizario, Texas using hegemonic theory and Carey McWilliams’ (2016) concept of fantasy heritage to argue the event distorts history, erases the mestizo/Mexican/Mexican American peoples from history, and serves as a vehicle that promotes Eurocentrism in a metro area that is 83% Mexican/Mexican American. The paper provides a semiotic analysis of the 2008 and 2016 events, produced by different entities for the same festival. The paper ends with a framework that the authors argue will provide greater cultural sensitivity and community inclusion in heritage events.


I would like to present this work on a panel whose members are exploring similar concepts, although not necessarily the Southwest or involving Native Americans.

If you have a direct offer of assistance, sensitive criticism, or wish to pass along someone’s contact information confidentially, please get in contact directly: Frank G Perez, [email protected]

If you have general ideas or feedback to share, please feel free to use the comments feature below.

All feedback and offers of assistance should be submitted by July 2, 2017.


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  1. Ted Maust says:

    Sounds great! I loved hearing a little bit about this story at NCPH2017 and hope to hear more next year!

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