Michael Binder, Technical Advisor, Air Force Declassification Office

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In contrast with most public historians, government historians frequently find themselves working in one of a wide variety of classified environments.  This session is designed to inform a public historian audience (as much as can be done in an open session) about these environments, and how the work differs from (or is similar to) “conventional” public history.


This proposal is presented on behalf of the NCPH Government Historians Committee; chair of the session is open.

One of the singular characteristics of government historians is their classified work.  This session seeks federal and contractor government historians from the Intelligence and Defense Communities, the State Department, and elsewhere willing to speak about their experience with:

– working with classified source documents

– conducting oral history interviews on classified topics

– working in windowless, confined spaces on secure IT networks

– producing agency histories that are meant only for a security cleared audience

– declassifying or sanitizing classified histories and documents

– working on sensitive litigation

– processing FOIA and Mandatory Declassification Review requests

or other similar subjects.

If you have a direct offer of assistance, sensitive criticism, or wish to pass along someone’s contact information confidentially, please get in contact directly: Michael Binder, [email protected]

If you have general ideas or feedback to share, please feel free to use the comments feature below.

All feedback and offers of assistance should be submitted by July 2, 2017.


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