Viviane Borges, Doutora, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina

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  • Seeking General Feedback and Interest
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  • Material Culture
  • Memory
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  • Oral History
  • Preservation

The project proposes two lines of action. The first focused on the identification and enrollment of objects related to the leprosarium history and the second on patients commitment to creating the memorial. In addition to the ‘Marginal Files’ team, the project encompasses the students of the subject Cultural Heritage Practice, of the undergraduate course in History.


Interest in researchers interested in discussing the history of leprosy and the preservation of memories and cultural heritage linked to the disease. The idea is to discuss the cultural heritage and memories related to leprosy (Leprosy), thinking how different countries are addressing the theme.

If you have a direct offer of assistance, sensitive criticism, or wish to pass along someone’s contact information confidentially, please get in contact directly: Viviane Borges, [email protected]

If you have general ideas or feedback to share, please feel free to use the comments feature below.

All feedback and offers of assistance should be submitted by July 2, 2017.


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  1. Mike Dove says:

    Very interesting topic Viviane! I wonder, in the interests of engaging with a broader audience, your topic may be broadened to include cross-national responses to infectious diseases in general, with a concentration on leprosy. Also- wondering if you could be more specific about the cultural heritage related to this disease and how it is represented by material culture collections.

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