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Robert Weyeneth

A perfect storm? (Part 3)

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Continued from Part 2

ship in heavy seaQuality Control from Students

Empowering students In its own way, the NCPH Guide to Public History Programs is also a best practices document itself. It is an international listing of graduate, undergraduate, and “related” public history programs that can be searched by geographical location, curricular concentration, and type of degree. Read More

Speaking of the survey (Part 2): What role for the NCPH journal?

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people looking through magnifying glassThis is the second in a series of posts about the findings of our summer 2012 survey on the current state and possible future directions of The Public Historian journal and other NCPH media.


from Robert Weyeneth, National Council on Public History Board President:

A number of folks are busy analyzing the information gathered by the NCPH Readers Survey conducted this summer on the future of its journal. Read More