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A new issue of The Public Historian will be appearing in libraries and subscribers’ mailboxes soon.  Below is an advance look at the Table of Contents:

The Public Historian
A Journal of Public History
Volume 35    February 2013     Number 4

Editor’s Corner
The Past Enhanced, Endowed, Engaged
Randolph Bergstrom

Imagining the Digital Future of The Public Historian
William Bryans, Albert Camarillo, Swati Chattopadhyay, Jon Christensen, Sharon Leon, and Cathy Stanton

Public History and Public Humanities: State Humanities Councils
Public Works: NEH, Congress, and the State Humanities Councils
Jamil Zainaldin
Making the Humanities Public:  The Example of Connecticut’s Humanities Council
Briann Greenfield

Digital History at Historic Sites
#VirtualTourist: Embracing Our Audience through Public History Web Experience
Anne Lindsay

Crossing Borders: Conversations on the War of 1812 Bicentennial Online and in Print
Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The War Of 1812 In Canada And The United States In 2012
Karim M. Tiro

Special Reviews Section: War of 1812
1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism by Nicole Eustace
Reviewed by Christine Arato

The Star-Spangled Banner Weekend, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Reviewed by Alice D. Donahue

(Look for new online pieces about the War of 1812 bicentennial appearing here in History@Work concurrently with the arrival of the journal.)

Book Reviews

Born in the U.S.A.: Birth, Commemoration, and American Public Memory edited by Seth Bruggeman
Reviewed by Michael Kammen

Preserving Local Writers, Genealogy, Photographs, Newspapers, and Related Materials edited by Carol Smallwood and Elaine Williams
Reviewed by John A. Fleckner

Reshaping Our National Parks and Their Guardians: The Legacy of George B. Hartzog Jr. by Kathy Mengak
Reviewed by Laura R. Kolar

Mark Twain’s Homes and Literary Tourism by Hilary Iris Lowe
Reviewed by Kathleen Corbett

Tourism and Archaeological Heritage Management at Petra: Driver to Development or Destruction? by Douglas C. Comer
Reviewed by Barbara J. Little

Reconstructing Beirut: Memory and Space in a Postwar Arab City by Aseel Sawalha
Reviewed by Michael Gasper

Saving Wright: The Freeman House and the Preservation of Meaning, Materials, and Modernity by Jeffrey M. Chusid
Reviewed by James A. Jacobs

How to Write a Historic Structure Report, by David Arbogast
Reviewed by Christopher McMorris

Museum and Exhibit Reviews

Wyandotte County, Kansas, Museum Crawl
Reviewed by Seth Bate

Flint Hills Discovery Center, Manhattan, Kansas
Reviewed by Jay M. Price

  1. Larry Cebula says:

    Nice to see the emphasis on digital history! And ironic that digital access will be closed to most people.

    Of all the professional history organizations, the NCPH seems the most willing to make the inevitable digital transitions, but we are not quite there yet.

    1. Cathy Stanton says:

      Granted – and as you know, Larry, there are lots of logistical, financial, and other things to be worked out as we’re heading in this direction. The journal and the blog are beginning some cross-platform collaboration with this coming issue, which I think is a great step!

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