Repair Work

Public historians have long been engaged in acts of repair. We restore and preserve old objects and buildings. We reconstruct fragmentary evidence about the past and reconsider the stories it has been used to tell, including stories about past histories and commemorations themselves. We contribute to economic and civic revitalization efforts. Increasingly, we also align our work with social and environmental projects of reparation, putting ourselves in service of overcoming or resisting the effects of past damage, injustice, and exclusion.

NCPH invites proposals for its 2019 conference in Hartford, Connecticut that explore how public history intersects—sometimes purposefully, sometimes with unintended consequences—with the ongoing task of making and remaking places, communities, and polities.

The online proposal system opens in April; proposals are due by July 15, 2018.

Program Committee

Seth Bruggeman, Temple University (co-chair)
Cathy Stanton, Tufts University (co-chair)
Dann Broyld, Central Connecticut State University
Andreas Etges (representing IFPH), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Amerika-Institut (LMU Munich)
Blanca Garcia-Barron, University of Texas at el Paso
Steven High, Concordia University
Devin Hunter, University of Illinois, Springfield
Sojin Kim, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Patricia West McKay, Martin Van Buren NHS, NPS/SUNY Albany
Amber Mitchell, National World War II Museum
Tara White, Wallace Community College, Selma
Leah Glaser, Local Arrangements co-chair
Elizabeth Shapiro, Local Arrangements co-chair

Local Arrangements Committee

Leah Glaser, Central Connecticut State University (co-chair)
Elizabeth Shapiro, Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office (co-chair)
McKinley Albert, Camp Courant
Clarissa Ceglio, University of Connecticut
Ilene Frank, Connecticut Historical Society
David Glassberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Laurie Lamarre, Connecticut League of History Organizations
Gregg Mangan, Connecticut Humanities
Amanda Goodheart Parks, New England Air Museum
Heather Prescott, Central Connecticut State University
Pieter Roos, Mark Twain House
Fiona Vernal, University of Connecticut
Matt Warshauer, Central Connecticut State University

The 2019 Call for Proposals will open in April 2018!