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Reflecting on texts: Cervantes's advice for historians

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Gustave Doré – Miguel de Cervantes – Don Quixote – Part 1 – Chapter 1 – Plate 1 “A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination” Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

One of my life goals has long been to read Don Quixote in the original Spanish, and I recently embarked on this monumental, even quixotic, task.  Read More

Reflecting on Texts: Steven Lubar on Trouillot's "Silencing the Past"

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ryan gosling quote

Trouillot’s study found its way into pop culture this year via “Public History Ryan Gosling.”

NOTE:  This post is part of a new and, we hope, semi-regular series in which public history educators share insights and observations about their use of “classic” texts in the public history classroom. Read More