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Ride or Die: the “Oregon Trail Live” Q&A

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Editor’s Note: Today we welcome Michael Salgarolo and Kylie Holloway to discuss their Oregon Trail immersive game that brought history and leisure together as a way to experience the US West and challenge the colonial foundations of the famous video game. Read More

Project Showcase: The U.S. Senate and Women’s Fight for the Vote

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Recently, the U.S. Senate Historical Office launched an online exhibit commemorating the centennial of the Senate’s passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution. “The U.S. Senate and Women’s Fight for the Vote” joins a number of initiatives, commemorative activities, and celebrations focused on the national women’s suffrage centennial that are occurring across the United States. Read More

On NCPH 2020, H.B. 481, and not passing the mic

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On May 7, Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed H.B. 481, the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act,” into law in the state (to take effect January 1, 2020). The law, one of several state “heartbeat bills” passed recently, would effectively prohibit women in Georgia from accessing their right to a safe and lawful abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, at about six weeks of pregnancy. Read More

“Voting in Shelby County”: a curator’s perspective

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The Shelby County Historical Society and Museum (SCHSM) is a small organization situated in rural western Iowa. For over fifty years, the SCHSM has stood as a point of pride for community members. Founded by local citizens eager to collect and preserve the history of Shelby County, the museum’s collection consists mainly of items, ranging from household objects to antique cars, related to life in rural Iowa. Read More

A different “birthright”: Exploring immigrant history in the birthplace of “America’s Immigrant Problem”

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In recent years, the debate over immigration and migration to the United States has been especially pronounced, with calls to end “invasions” of “illegal immigrants” from Latin America, build a border wall, institute a “Muslim travel ban,” refuse refugees seeking asylum, and rescind birthright citizenship.  Read More