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A period room for all seasons: Action Comics #1 in the DAR Museum

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The goal of the education department at the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum is to diversify conversations in the period rooms beyond craft and collecting to include more American history and culture. In that pursuit, we added an additional interpretive layer to the Indiana Period Room with objects of distinct cultural and popular culture significance that have led to broader interpretive changes throughout the organization. Read More

Who Makes a Nation? Rethinking “A Nation of Immigrants”

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Authors’ Note: As you may be aware, NCPH annual meeting status has changed. We are planning to proceed with the group’s work, though we are not sure as to format as yet. We will talk with co-facilitators when we have a sense of the remote alternatives and be in communication with NCPH and prospective participants about the plan. Read More

Inquiring minds want to know: Speaking to the public about museum collections management

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We all know that people are curious about the stories behind objects and the events and people those objects represent. And as public historians, we are in the business of bringing those stories to light. Yet, after doing collections management for over twenty-five years, I have learned that people are equally curious about the creative process behind our educational programs including how we document and care for the objects that serve as the foundation for that programming. Read More