Project Showcase: History Hub

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History Hub Screen Grab

Screenshot credit: History Hub

The Internet has changed the way nearly every profession shares knowledge and communicates with the public. In the last few years archivists and historians working for the federal government have joined the conversation. In December 2015, the National Archives created History Hub, a platform for collaboration between researchers, historians, archivists, and the federal government. Read More

Around the field May 18, 2016

newspaper-in-fieldFrom around the field this week: Summer schools focusing on rare books and America’s political fault lines; World War I centennial continues in Nova Scotia; special journal issue asks about echoes of past prejudices in contemporary refugee crisis; grants for creation and preservation of collections and reference resources. Read More

Around the Field May 10, 2016

newspaper-in-fieldFrom around the field this week: Soundscapes and archaeoacoustics at 2017 international conference on Malta; best practices for interpreting slavery at Guston Hall in Virginia, U.S. later this month; nominate an outstanding public historian for the AHA Herbert Feis Award by May 15. Read More

Out of the academy and into public service: Changing expectations and new measures of success

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Emily McEwen as resource specialist, April 2015. Photo credit: Emily McEwen

In June 2014, when I finished my PhD in history, with a research emphasis in public history, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. And rightfully so. I had worked for eight long years slogging through coursework, exams, conference presentations, fellowship applications, TAships, a year of research, and a solid year and a half of dissertation writing to achieve my goal. Read More

Around the field May 3, 2016

newspaper-in-fieldFrom around the field this week: Housing politics and the archive in London; oral history with vulnerable narrators; Massachusetts conference on advocacy for history; UX for public historians; summer courses on restoration and digital technologies for cultural heritage. Read More

Building an interdisciplinary discipline

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hand-drawn map

Amanda Lyons of Visuals for Change was the visual note-taker at the March 2016 history communicators summit at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Image credit: Amanda Lyons

When I put the words “history” and “communication” together nearly two years ago, I never imagined it would elicit as much discussion and controversy as it has. Read More