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Project Showcase: Seward Family Digital Archive Community Project Achievement

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Seward Family Digital Archive staff and volunteers at the Seward House, Auburn, NY, Fall 2017.  Photo credit: Carrie Knight.

Since 2012, the Seward Family Digital Archive Project, under the aegis of the University of Rochester’s Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation Department, has endeavored to digitize portions of one of its most utilized collections—the papers of former U.S. Read More

Listening to witnesses: The evolving history of Hobcaw Barony

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Minnie Kennedy’s sister Nettie and her groom, Rainey Gardner, on their way to be married at Friendfield Church on Hobcaw Barony sometime in the 1920s. Photographer unknown. Photo credit: Belle W. Baruch Foundation.

For the last five years, South Carolina ETV, the state’s public television network, has been experimenting with ways to tell the story of a 16,000-acre undeveloped property called Hobcaw Barony. Read More

Project showcase: Forest History Society’s Repeat Photography Project

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Repeat photography is the practice of photographing a specific location at two or more points in time. It is a powerful visual resource for scientific study and education in forest and landscape management. To take advantage of this technology, the Forest History Society (FHS) recently started the Repeat Photography Project. Read More