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Insta-Memory: Dismantling the Boston Marathon bombing memorial

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barlow-crossesThe City of Boston took down the Boston Marathon Memorial on June 25.  The memorial began life at the sites of the twin bombings on Boylston Street in the immediate aftermath of the explosions there on April 15.  The city relocated the memorial to Copley Square once Boylston and surrounding streets re-opened to traffic the following week.  Read More

Ice wars: The rebirth of the Winnipeg Jets


Canadian governments on both sides of the political spectrum since the Second World War have been much less willing to invest in the country’s military (the world’s fourth-largest in 1945, but only the 56th today) than in the image of Canada as peace keeper (most notably through the invention of the UN Peacekeepers by Canadian diplomat and later Prime Minister Lester Pearson). Read More

Mourning or marketing? The strange afterlife of the Montréal Expos

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In 1967, Montréal hosted a world’s fair, Expo ’67. It was Canada’s centenary, and Expo is often looked back at as the moment when both Montréal and Canada came of age and entered onto the world stage. For Montréal, it was a victory, the first Canadian city with an international reputation, and it went on to hold the 1976 Summer Olympics. Read More