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The short, intriguing career of Public History Ryan Gosling

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~ Annie Cullen and Rachel Boyle, graduate students in Public History at Loyola University Chicago, are the creators of Public History Ryan Gosling, a blog that pairs the popular “Hey Girl” meme with public history theory.  The project has reached over 60,000 people and stimulated meaningful conversation in various corners of the Internet.  Read More

Identifying historic photos? Think outside the social media box

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Earlier this summer, as temperatures soared above 100 degrees in El Paso, I was tucked away in a cool room inside the University of Texas El Paso Library’s Special Collection department. I was working with the Casasola Photograph Collection, which holds prints and negatives from the popular Casasola Studio that was located in Downtown El Paso, Texas. Read More

The networked consultant: Using social media, Part II

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social media iconsIn my previous post I discussed the value of using social networking platforms for networking. In this post, I will discuss how to use social media for marketing by focusing on building an awareness of your “brand.” Social media provides an opportunity to present yourself and your business to diverse audiences in diverse ways. Read More

HNN looks at public and digital history in Milwaukee

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From our colleagues at the History News Network comes this roundup of the public and digital history components of last week’s conference in Milwaukee. Noting the synergy between the realms of public and digital history, HNN’s David Walsh points out that the center of gravity in the conference blog- and tweet-ospheres was clearly with historians working in those realms, constituting “a monopoly of coverage…so complete it could warrant an anti-trust investigation,” he writes (we think that’s a good thing).  Read More