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Leah Glaser

Repairing National Register nominations: educational institutions and the National Register process

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Authors’ Note: This is the third of three posts resulting from discussions of our 2019 NCPH annual meeting working group on improving existing National Register nominations. (The first post highlighted technical matters and the second discussed underrepresented communities and the integrity criterion.) Read More

Public history and sustainability: An overview and invitation

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Public historians have long engaged with environmental topics and environmental historians to explore the long-term material effects of the decisions, actions, and conceptions of people in the past.  As we move toward the 2014 NCPH conference, with its theme of “Sustainable Public History,” this is a good moment to take stock of some of those disciplinary conversations and to think about how to move them forward in a time of accelerating environmental challenges and crises. Read More

A point paper from the Public Historians and Sustainability Working Group

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hands holding globesThe following point paper was developed by participants in the Public Historians and Sustainability Working Group, which met in Milwaukee in April 2012.  The paper is currently being circulated to the National Council on Public History Board, and the Working Group invites comments on it here as well.  Read More