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Q&A with Joseph Plaster on The Peabody Ballroom Experience, Part I

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Editors’ Note: Joseph Plaster, director of the Winston Tabb Special Collections Research Center at Johns Hopkins University, won the 2023 Outstanding Public History Project Award-Small Institution for the Peabody Ballroom Experience. As Plaster explains, “The Peabody Ballroom Experience is a public humanities collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and ballroom, a nearly century-old performance-based network and culture composed primarily of gay, lesbian, transgender, and gender non-conforming people of color.” Read More

Study the humanities: Help us make the case

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Editor’s note: This piece from the National Humanities Alliance is being circulated in a variety of relevant venues.

Think pieces abound on how best to make the case for the value of studying the humanities—should we as a humanities community emphasize the quite respectable career and salary outcomes of humanities majors or do we then fall into the trap of suggesting that higher education is necessary only for economic gain? Read More