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Interview with Kayla Duncan of the Fulton County Remembrance Coalition

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Editors’ Note: When the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) opened the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, in April 2018, grassroots Community Remembrance was built into the project’s DNA. This Q&A between History@Work lead editor Adina Langer and Kayla Duncan discusses the work of the Fulton County Remembrance Coalition, an organization in Fulton County, Georgia, dedicated to earning an EJI-designated monument for Fulton County.  Read More

Project Showcase: Cartoon Asheville

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Many history teachers utilize editorial cartoons as vivid historical sources that succinctly encapsulate a range of viewpoints on a topic. Famous examples include the work of Thomas Nast at Harper’s Weekly and John Tenniel at Punch. The perspectives of editorial cartoonists in major cities such as New York, however, did not always illustrate the viewpoints of other parts of the country. Read More

Project Showcase: “For Comfort and Convenience”: Poverty and Material Culture

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In a February blog post for History@Work, Kristin O’ Brassill-Kulfan asked public historians to think about the presentation of poverty in museum settings. That same month, the Wood County Historical Center (WCHC) in Bowling Green, Ohio opened a new exhibit titled For Comfort and Convenience: Public Charity in Ohio By Way of the Poor Farm. Read More

Building “The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook”: A working group

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For the past three years, a group of dedicated authors, editors, and advisory committee members have been working to create The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook, a new digital resource co-sponsored by NCPH and the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). Read More

Veterans’ perspectives, and the great task remaining

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Army nurse Norma J. Griffiths-Boris returned from Vietnam not just with haunting memories of unpreventable death—smells of burned flesh, sights of traumatic head wounds—but also with a powerful impression of her non-traditional work environment. At war, she and fellow nurses held positions of authority. Read More

Breaking down NCPH’s First Twitter Mini-Con

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NCPH held its first-ever Twitter Mini-Con(ference) on Thursday-Friday, October 18-19, 2018. The event was organized by historians Jessica Knapp and Krista McCracken, in collaboration with NCPH staff Christine Crosby and Meghan Hillman, and was modeled after the Beyond 150 Twitter Conference, which Krista organized with Andrea Eidinger (see this post for more details).

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Museum Super Heroes: New England Museum Association 2018 Day of Service

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Museum collections are in danger. The 2011 ICCROM-UNESCO International Storage Survey found that many museums worldwide lack proper storage space for their collections and that 40% of surveyed museums may not even know what they hold. Often, there is not the support, staff, or time to keep up best practices in collections management. Read More