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Volume 44


Welcome to Salt Lake City – Kristine Navarro McElhaney
NCPH Committee Updates
Candidates for the NCPH 2024 Election
Actions of the Board of Directors

VOLUME 44 | NUMBER 2 | March 2024

Charting the Future for Public History – Kristine Navarro McElhaney
“TBD to Historical Urgency: Reflections on Gatherings as Public Historians” – Priya Chhaya
NCPH Election Results
New and Noteworthy: Additions to the NCPH-UHS 2024 Program
“Editor’s Corner: Engaging the Past” – Sarah Case
Notes from the NCPH Office – Stephanie Rowe
NCPH Award Winners for 2024

VOLUME 44 | NUMBER 3 | June 2024

President’s Comments – Denise Meringolo
“An Accessibility Reset” – Meghan Hillman
2024 New Professional and Student Award Winner Highlights
2023 Year End Financial Report – Sharon Leon and Stephanie Rowe
NCPH Committee updates
NCPH Values and Ethics Statement
2024 Working Group reports


Volume 43


To Be Determined: Joy, Humility, and NCPH 2023 – Marla Miller, Tara White, and Lacey Wilson
President’s Comments – Kristine Navarro McElhaney and Amber Mitchell
Actions of the Board
NCPH Committee Updates

VOLUME 43 | NUMBER 2 | March 2023

President’s Comments – Kristine Navarro-McElhaney
“Considering the Revolution” Comes in Threes – Meghan Hillman
2023 Election Results
Notes from the NCPH Office – Stephanie Rowe
Future Visioning: An Excerpt from Transforming Inclusion in Museums – Porchia Moore, Rose Paquet, and Aletheia Wittman
Changing Public History in Atlanta and Beyond – Adina Langer
2023 Award Winners

VOLUME 43 | NUMBER 3 | June 2023

2023 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up – Meghan Hillman
President’s Comments – Kristine Navarro-McElhaney and Vanessa Hines (Stagville Memorial Project)
Starting off on the Left Foot: A Queer Approach to Public History – by Ani Bennett-Fradkin
2022 Financial Report – Stephanie Rowe and Sharon Leon
Committee Updates
2023 Working Group reports

VOLUME 43 | NUMBER 4 | September 2023

Disrupt What You Know About Utah with us in 2024 – Jennifer Ortiz and Gregory Smoak
The Next Lincoln – Devin Hunter
Notice of the Fall Board Meeting
In Memoriam: Suellen M. Hoy 1942-2023 – Barbara Howe
NPS Disability History Handbook – Kathleen Brian and Perri Meldon
Investing in the Future of NCPH – Dee Harris

Volume 42


President’s Comments: What Can I Say? –  Greg Smoak
Guide to Public History Programs Coming – Noah Nobbe
Candidates for the 2022 Election Slate
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates

VOLUME 42 | NUMBER 2 | March 2022

New NCPH Grassroots Award to Support Non-Traditional Public History Work – Stasia Tanzer
President’s Comments: And so it Zooms – Gregory Smoak
2022 NCPH Election Results
2021 NCPH Contributors
NCPH Announces Exciting Membership Changes – Stasia Tanzer
NCPH Award Winners for 2022

VOLUME 42 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2022

NCPH 2022: Less is More – Meghan Hillman
President’s Comments – Kristine Navarro-McElhaney
Many Thanks to Our 2022 NCPH Annual Meeting Sponsors!
2021 End of Year Financial Report – Sharon Leon and Stephanie Rowe
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Archives of the Environment as Humanities Collections and Reference Resources – Molly Hardy
NCPH Committee Updates
2022 New Professional Award Winner Highlights
Looking Back at a Year of Robust Humanities Advocacy – Alexandria Klein


President’s Comments: Sharing the Spotlight – Kristine Navarro-McElhaney
Work Hard, Play Hard at NCPH 2023 – Meghan Hillman
Notice of the Fall Board Meeting and Welcome to New Graduate Assistant
Making Home Front Connections – Allena Berry and Suzanne Fischer
Make Your Mark on NCPH 2023

Volume 41


NCPH 2021 Goes Virtual – Meghan Hillman
Why NCPH Will Only Post Jobs with Compensation Information – Hannah Jane Smith and Suzanne Fischer
Candidates for the 2021 NCPH Election
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
President’s Comments: What’s Good? The Power of Mentorship – Gregory Smoak
NCPH Committee Updates
In Memoriam: David Neufeld – Sharon Babaian


Reflections on (Relatively) Rapid-Response Programming – Stasia Tanzer
A Message from the NCPH 2021 Program Co-Chairs – Laurie Arnold and Leisl Carr Childers
President’s Comments: Welcome to NCPH 2021! – Gregory Smoak
2020 End of Year Financial Report – Sharon Leon and Stephanie Rowe
Trends in the Publicly Engaged Humanities in the Pandemic Moment – Michelle May-Curry
Editor Transition at The Public Historian
NCPH Award Winners for 2021
NCPH Announces Receipt of NEH Chairman’s Grant


VOlume 41 | Number 3 | June 2021

Embracing the Virtual: Lessons Learned from NCPH 2021 – Meghan Hillman
President’s Comments // Pandemic Year + 1: The New Normal – Gregory Smoak
In Memoriam: Darlene Rebecca Roth – Barb Howe
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
Highlights from 2021 Working Groups
2021 New Professional Award Winner Highlights – Cheryl Dong, Jacqueline Hudson
2022 Call for Proposals – “Crossroads”

Volume 41 | Number 4 | September 2021

President’s Comments // Water is Life – Gregory Smoak
The “New Normal” at NCPH – Meghan Hillman
Notice of Fall Board Meeting and Welcome to New Graduate Assistants
Executive Director’s Semi-Annual Report – Stephanie Rowe
Make Your Mark on NCPH 2022

Volume 40


President’s Comments – Marla Miller
40 Years of NCPH – Stephanie Rowe
NCPH 2020 and the Power of Place – Meghan Hillman
Candidates for the 2020 NCPH Election
Actions of the Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
#CampingCon2019 – Brandon Cadwell and Larry Cebula

VOLUME 40 | NUMBER 2 | march 2020

Reflective Practice in Action – Marla Miller
Changing How We Eat (and Drink) at NCPH 2020 – Meghan Hillman
Welcome, Stasia!
2020 NCPH Election Results
2019 NCPH Contributors
How We Grow: A Supportive Community – Abby Gautreau
2019 End of Year Financial Report – Sharon Leon and Stephanie Rowe
NCPH Award Winners for 2020


VOLUME 40 | NUMBER 3 | June 2020

Present at the Creation: A Conversation with Pioneers of the Public History Movement – Part I
Pandemics and Public History – Gregory Smoak
Reflections from NCPH Staff During COVID-19
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Patron Profile: History Associates Incorporated – Laura Starr
Gather, Connect, Amplify: The Importance of Grassroots Community Building and Dismantling White Middle-Class Public History – GVGK Tang
Introducing Our Impact Survey Toolkit – Cecily Hill
NCPH Committee Updates
2021 Call for Proposals – “The Presence and Persistence of Stories”
NCPH 40th Committee – Wrap Up Report – Marianne Babal
Highlights from Conference Working Groups


A Status Report on the 2021 Meeting
NCPH and NPS Unite for a Contemporary Examination of the US World War II Home Front – Leah Baer
Notice of the Fall Board Meeting
Reckoning with the Symbols of White Supremacy – Gregory Smoak
Present at the Creation Part II
Accounting for Fiscal Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis – Sharon Leon
Rallying Support for the Humanities Sector During the COVID-19 Crisis – Cecily Hill

Volume 39

VOLUME 39 | NUMBER 1 | December 2018

Reflecting on Repair: The 2019 Annual Meeting Theme
President’s Comments – Marla Miller
Amplifying Public History: Taking OAH Beyond Their Annual Meeting
Candidates for the 2019 NCPH Election
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
Member Profile: Meijer Heritage Center


In Memoriam: G. Wesley Johnson, JR. / April 28, 1932 – November 16, 2018
From the Executive Director
President’s Comments: NCPH In Hartford
2019 Election Results
2018 NCPH Contributors
NCPH Award Winners for 2019

VOLUME 39 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2019

Annual Meeting Wrap-Up
President’s Comments: Artisanal Public History?
Thanks to our 2019 NCPH Annual Meeting Sponsors
From #MeToo to Prevention
2020 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals “Threads of Change”
2018 End of Year Financial Report
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
2019 New Professional Award Winner Highlights
Documenting the Impact and Reach of the NEH
Thank You #NCPH2019 Volunteers!
NCPH Committee Updates
Highlights from Hartford Working Groups


Building The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook
Member Highlight: The Rockerfeller Archive Center
President’s Comments: Thinking Semiquincentennially
Notice of Fall Board Meeting
Changes at NCPH
“Federal History as Public History:” The Society for History in the Federal Government’s 2019 Meeting and NCPH Mini-Con
A Moment to Take Stock (and Keep Advocating)
Introducing NCPH’s Guidelines for Building a More Accessible Meeting
Celebrate 40 Years of NCPH in Atlanta

Volume 38


Plugging in to Public History in Las Vegas – Priya Chhaya and Benjamin Filene
Alternative Public History: What We Mean When We Say “The Field” – Shakti Castro
Candidates for the 2018 NCPH Election
President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
Charting Out Our Future: NCPH Long Range Plan – Jean-Pierre Morin
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
News from the Membership

VOLUME 38 | NUMBER 2 | March 2018

A Report from the Radio Preservation Task Force, National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress – Josh Shepperd
The Public History of Labor Mini-Con – Richard Anderson
President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
2017 NCPH Election Results
From the Executive Director: A Year of Partnerships – Stephanie Rowe
The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook Project – Modupe Labode, Will Walker, and Bob Weible
NCPH Award Winners for 2018


VOLUME 38 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2018

Annual Meeting Wrap-Up
President’s Comments – Marla Miller
History Relevance Workshop: An NCPH Mini-Con
Confronting Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in Public History?
Many Thanks to Our 2018 NCPH Annual Sponsors!
Thank You #NCPH2018 Volunteers!
Call for Proposals – “Repair Work”
News from the Membership
2017 End of Year Financial Report
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
Highlights from Las Vegas Working Groups


President’s Comments- Marla Miller
Acts of Repair in Hartford
Welcome, Sam Opsahl!
Member Kudos!
Notice of Fall Board Meeting
NCPH’s 40th Anniversary Planning is Underway
Building Our Future: 2018-2020 Endowment Campaign
2020 Vision Endowment Campaign Update

Volume 37

Volume 37 | Number 1 | December 2016

President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
Camping Con 2016: Outside Public History [An NCPH Mini-Con] – Tammy Gordon
Candidates for the 2017 NCPH Election
NCPH Committee Updates
Request for Applications, International Consulting Editors
Stuck in the Middle with You: Approaching Consensus in Indianapolis – John H. Sprinkle, Jr.

VOLUME 37 | NUMBER 2 | March 2017

Uncover the Unexpected in Indy! – Kyle McKoy and Philip Scarpino
International Consulting Editors Join The Public Historian – James F. Brooks
2017 NCPH Election Results
2016 NCPH Contributors
President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
2016 End of Year Financial Report – Kristine Navarro-McElhaney and Stephanie Rowe
NCPH Award Winners for 2017

VOLUME 37 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2017

Annual Meeting Wrap-Up – Meghan Hillman
President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
Next Steps in the Fight to #savetheneh – Beatrice Gurwitz
From the Executive Director – Stephanie Rowe
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
NCPH Committee Updates
Highlights from Indianapolis Working Groups



Bright Lights, Big Ideas – Meghan Hillman
President’s Comments – Alexandra Lord
Notice of Fall Board Meeting
Final 2017 NEH Grants Announced
Where is the Public History Conversation Headed? – Cathy Stanton
Be Seen in Las Vegas

Volume 36


Anniversaries and Activism: Shaping Inclusive Histories in Baltimore – Gregory Smoak
Checking in with NCPH’s October Mini-Cons – Krista McCracken, Nancy K. Berlage, and Alexandra Lord
Candidates for the 2016 NCPH Election
President’s Comments – Patrick Moore
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Committees On the Go
Challenge Yourself to Dig Deeper Into Baltimore – Denise Meringolo

VOLUME 36 | NUMBER 2 | MARCH 2016 (PDF) 

President’s Comments- 2016: A Year of Celebration- Patrick Moore
Congress Restores Funding for K-12 History Education- Lee White
New to NCPH’s Annual Meeting?- Nicholas K. Johnson
Taking Action in Securing IRB Exemption for Historical Research- Clifford Kuhn and Lee White
NCPH Award winners for 2016

VOLUME 36 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2016 (PDF)

President’s Comments- The Future of History- Alexandra Lord
From the Interim Executive Director- Stephanie Rowe
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
2015 End of Year Financial Report- Kristine Navarro-McElhaney and Stephanie Rowe
NCPH New Professional Award Winner Highlight- Will Stoutamire
Welcome New NCPH Staff Members
Highlights from Baltimore Working Groups
NCPH Committee Updates
Baltimore Annual Meeting Wrap Up


President’s Comments- Stephanie Rowe Appointed Executive Director- Alexandra Lord
Member Highlight- Collaboration across Borders- Ryan Shackleton
From the Executive Director- Semi-Annual Report- Stephanie Rowe
NCPH is Wide Awake in “Naptown”
Be Seen in Indianapolis

Volume 35


Horizons, Boundaries, Verges, and Fringes – Modupe Labode
Out and About in Nashville – Brenden Martin
President’s Comments – Patrick Moore
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Candidates for the 2015 NCPH Election
The Value of History
International Federation for Public History


Time of Transition: Appreciating the Promise of a Bright Future – Patrick Moore
Tours and Workshops at #NCPH2015
NCPH Staff Changes
Executive Director Job Announcement
2014 End-of-the-Year Fiscal Report
From the Executive Director – John Dichtl
Committees on the Go
NCPH 2015 Award Winners
National Coalition for History Update
In Memoriam

VOLUME 35 | NUMBER 3 | JUNE 2015 (PDF)

Member Highlight – Ann McCleary
President’s Comments – Patrick Moore
From the Interim Executive Director – Stephanie Rowe
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Council of Past Presidents – Robert Weyeneth
Highlights from Nashville Working Groups
Congratulations 2015 Award Winners!
Nashville Annual Meeting Wrap Up


Makeover in Progress: New NCPH Website Coming Soon
After the Meeting: 7 Ways Grad Students and New Professionals Can Stay Involved with NCPH – Meghan Hillman
From the Interim Executive Director – Stephanie Rowe
Fall Board Meeting
National Coalition for History Update – Lee White
Be Seen in Baltimore
Convene with Us in Charm City

Volume 34


Volume 34 | Number 1 | December 2013 (pdf)

Monterey and Sustainable Public History – Briann Greenfield and Leah S. Glaser
Discounted JPASS Access for NCPH Members
Why I’m a Member of NCPH – Mary Rizzo
The Public History Commons Continues to Take Shape – Cathy Stanton
A Student’s View of the NCPH Guide – Nick Sacco
Welcome to Monterey – Robert Weyeneth
Documentary Editing Goes Public – Beth Luey
Point Sur Lighthouse Tour Highlight – Carol O’Neil
The Grapes of Wrath Tour Highlight – Marianne Babal

Volume 34 | Number 2 | March 2014 (pdf)

Backing Up the One-Man Band: Public History Boot Camp – Mary Rizzo
Work and Play in Monterey
Public Plenary, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality
2014 NCPH Election Results
Committees on the Go
What’s Your NCPH Story? – Anne Mitchell Whisnant
NCPH Award Winners for 2014

Volume 34 | Number 3 | June 2014 (pdf)

Investing in the Future of the Field – Jill Titus
Introducing the NCPH Mini-Con
President’s Comments – Patrick Moore
2013 End of the Year Financial Report
Committees on the Go
Job Hunting – Nick Sacco
National Coalition for History Update – Lee White
2015 NCPH Call for Proposals – “History on the Edge”
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Highlights from Monterey Working Groups
Council of Past Presidents – Robert Weyeneth
Congratulations 2014 Award Winners!
Monterey Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Volume 34 | Number 4 | September 2014 (pdf)

At the Heart of the Community – Lisa Junkin Lopez
President’s Comments – Patrick Moore
NCPH Semi-Annual Report
Advocacy Roundup – Lee White
Nashville Call for Posters and Working Group Discussants
Guidelines for Organizing an NCPH Mini-Con

Volume 33

Volume 33 | Number 1 | December 2012 (pdf)

Ottawa and the Significance of Audience – Michelle A. Hamilton and Jean-Pierre Morin
Special Events in Ottawa
2013 Annual Meeting Schedule
Writing Locally, Thinking Globally – President Robert Weyeneth
When Opportunity Knocks
Consultants’ Committee Launches TweetChat, and Other News
Leadership in History Awards
German Working Group “Applied History/Public History”

Volume 33 | Number 2 | March 2013 (pdf)

Editors Joining The Public Historian
Ways to get Involved in Ottawa
President’s Comments – President Robert Weyeneth
Public History Award Winners for 2013
Will Digital Crowdfunding Work for Your Next Project? – Noah Goodling

Volume 33 | Number 3 | June 2013 (pdf)

We Were “Doing” Place (Before Place was Cool) – President Robert Weyeneth
Making a DIF (Digital Integration Fund)!
Why I made a DIF Pledge – Dee Harris
Highlights from Ottawa Working Groups
Ottawa Annual Meeting Wrap Up
2014 NCPH Call for Proposals

Volume 33 | Number 4 | September 2013 (pdf)

A Perfect Storm? – President Robert Weyeneth
Digital Integration Update – Cathy Stanton
Want to Bring the NCPH Conference to Your City?
Making a DIF
National Coalition for History Update – Lee White
Why Public History? Seeking Discussants for a 2015 Roundtable in Jinan, China
California Dreamin’




Volume 32

Volume 32 | Number 1 | December 2011 (pdf)

Viewsharing Cultural Heritage Collections Online- Trevor Owens
History Ventures- Darlene Roth
Teaching Teachers the Power of Place-Beth Boland
Breaking Down the Hard Lines- President Marty Blatt
Warming Trends: Learned Societies and Public Engagement
Committees on the Go
Call for International Public History Sessions in Jinan, China, in 2015

Volume 32 | Number 2 | March 2012 (pdf)

Consultants’ Corner Blog Post #1 – Adina Langer
Milwaukee and the Frontiers of Capitalism and Democracy
Treasurer’s Report for 2011 – Patrick Moore
Long Range Plan Ready for NCPH Members’ Review
National Coalition for History Update – Lee White
Approaching Booker T. Washington as Public History – L. West, K. Goins, and E. T. Ewing
Ball State’s Undergraduate Public History Program – Michael Doyle

Volume 32 | Number 3 | June 2012 (pdf)

Being a Historian
A “Milepost” for Public History in Seattle – Kevin Bartoy
The River is Rising – President Robert Weyeneth
2012 Annual Meeting Photos from Milwaukee
Committees on the Go
Actions of the NCPH Board of Directors
Congratulations 2012 Award Winners!
HRA New Professional Travel Award Winner – Lauren Brincat

Volume 32 | Number 4 | September 2012 (pdf)

Scholarly Research and Writing in the Digital Age
The Next 28 Months: Onward – President Robert Weyeneth
Ten, No, Eleven Things NCPH Does for You
Introducing Scripto: A Tool for Community Transcription
Preparing Humanities Grad Students for Alternative Careers
IMLS to Perform “Museums Count” Survey
NPS Seeking Comments on Qualification Standards
Next Steps for the International Federation
Public History and Sustainability
Time Travel


Volume 31

Vol. 31 No 1 December 2010 (pdf)

Creating the International Federation for Public History – Arnita Jones
The Historian’s Role as Expert Witness Introducing and Interpreting Facts-in-Evidence – Mike Reis & Dave Wiseman
Busing the Teachers: Learning History Onsite – Becky Shipp
Digital History Across the Curriculum – Peter Wosh
Long Range Planning – Marty Blatt
NCPH Board of Directors Fall Meeting
2011 NCPH Annual Meeting
NPS Historian Paul Weinbaum Retires

Vol. 31 No 2 March 2011 (pdf)

All Roads Lead to Pensacola This Spring – Roger Launius
2011 Annual Meeting Events
A Small Agency Acquires Its History – Jesse Stiller
History News Service
Committees on the Go
Teaching Global and Comparative Public History – Gerald Zahavi
Inaugural Meeting of the International Federation for Public History

Vol. 31 Number 3 June 2011 (pdf)

The History in Children’s Literature- Melissa Prycer
Semi- Annual Report- John Dichtl
Newly Elected NCPH Leaders
National Coalition for History Update- Lee White
NCPH Board of Directors Spring Meeting
2011 Award Winners
The Imperative of Public Participation- Anthony Grafton and Jim Grossman
Highlights from the Pensacola Working Groups

Volume 31 | Number 4 | September/October 2011(pdf)

Making One’s Own Way in Public History- Doria Lynch
Using Centers to Teach Public History and Engage Community Partners- Ann McCleary & Steve Lubar
Building a Public History Community in Philadelphia- Charlene Mires, Seth Bruggeman, Robert Kodosky
NCPH Cosponsors Inaugural Poster Session at the Berkshire Conference- Kate Freedman
Worth Another Look
Planning and Capacity- President Marty Blatt



Volume 30

Teaching Students about Public History Advocacy – Briann Greenfield
Public History in a Wiki WorldEssentials for Survival2010 NCPH Annual MeetingConference Economics 101
NCPH Board of Directors Fall Meeting A Digital experiment in Community Participation – Joan Saverino
Teens Picture the Past – Felicia Kelley

Vol. 30 No. 2 March/April 2010 (pdf)

Shared History, Nearby History – Lorraine McConaghy
Portland 2010 – Annual Meeting photos and update
Congratulations Award Winners
Roundtable Discussion of The Public Historian – Page Miller & Jann Warren-Findley
From the TPH Editors: How the Roundtable and Readers Can Help Us
Consulting Comments– Professional Historians Assoc. in New South Wales
Introducing Students to PH in the Borderlands – Keith Erekson
Howard Zinn–A Tribute – Marty Blatt
NCPH Board of Directors Spring Meeting

Vol. 30 No. 3 June 2010 (pdf)

Groundbreaking Promotion & Tenure Report is Released
Embracing Diversity – Marty Blatt
Committees on the Go
Highlights from the Portland Working Groups
Consulting Comments – Evaluating World War II-Era Resources in Saipan – Geoffrey Mohlman
NCPH New Professional Travel Award Winners – Alisha Cromwell & Laura McDowell
NCPH Student Project Award Winners – Rachael Binning, Elizabeth Manekin, & Aliza Schiff
Texas Adopts Controversial Social Studies Standards

Vol. 30 No 4 September 2010(pdf)

A Decade of Dialogue at Sites of Conscience – Liz Sevcenko
Forum on Consulting
Can ARTstor’s Shared Shelf Benefit NCPH? – Kathleen Franz
Postcards from the Parks – Vincent Murray
Public History Field School – Orlan J. Svingen and William Peterson


Volume 29

Vol. 29 No. 1 December 2008 (pdf)

Trekking about Providence – 2009 Local Arrangements Committee
Do You Twitter? Announcing the NCPH Digital Media Group
2009 Annual Meeting
Candidates for the 2009 NCPH Election
Personal Historians, Helping to Tell Your Story – Steve Christopherson
Marketing Public Historians for Future Success – Alex Bethke
“Anniversary Fever” and Historical Reenactments – Stephen Gapps

Vol. 29 No. 2 March 2009(pdf)

Toward Providence and Broader Horizons – Melissa Bingmann
2009 Election Results
2009 Annual Meeting Highlights
NCPH Movers in the “Interactive Web” – Cathy Stanton
Consulting Comments
No Introverts Need Apply? – Jay Price
National Coalition for History Update
In Memoriam: Noel J. Stowe Vol. 4.2

Vol. 29 No. 3 June 2009 (pdf)

Bridging is Possible – Michelle Lanier
It “Forces One to Think More Broadly” – 2009 Annual Meeting Evaluations
2009 Annual Meeting Award Winners
NCPH Board of Directors Spring Meeting
Committees on the Go
New Report on Museum Public Finance Vol. 1.1
Stimulus 101 for Preservationists
In Memoriam: John Hope Franklin

Vol. 29 No. 4 September 2009 (pdf)

A Picture of Public History: Preliminary results from the 2008 Survey of Public History Professionals – John Dichtl and Robert B. Townsend
Minutes of the 1980 Steering Committee
Consulting Comments
How Historians Can assist Environmental Restoration Projects – David A. Bainbridge
“Future of History Museums” Workshop at Brown – Steven Lubar



Volume 28

Vol. 28 No. 1 December 2007 (pdf)

Students’ Focus on Photo Blurs Boundaries – Benjamin Filene
Touring Kentucky, April 2008 – Donna Neary
Experiments You Can Observe
Vol. 28.4Actions of the Board
Roosevelt’s New Deal, 75 Years Later – Kathryn Flynn
National Park Service Centennial Series

Vol. 28 No. 2 March 2008 (pdf)

A Time for Renewal: the 2008 Annual Meeting – Marla Miller and
Vol. 27.1 Patricia Mooney-Melvin
2008 Election Results
Intersections: Communities and Public History – Modupe Labode
Consulting Comments
World Wide Help for Historical Photos

Vol. 28 No. 3 June 2008 (pdf)

One Way to Foster Diversity in Public History – Robert Weyeneth
“The Free Food Was Also a Plus” Evaluation Results of the 2008 Annual Meeting –
Sarah Koeppel
Annual Meeting Award Winners
Consulting Comments
Best Practices in Public History Education – Ann McCleary
Finding Common Ground between Interpreters and Historians – Charlene Mires and
Chuck Arning

Vol. 28 No. 4 September 2008 (pdf)

Grand Jury Records Open New Avenues of Research for
Vol. 10.2 Public Historians – R. Bruce Craig
The Working Group on Evaluating Public History Scholarship – Gregory E. Smoak
Thinking about Climate Change as Public Historians – Martha
Norkunas and Cathy Stanton
Possibilities for Public History in Community Colleges – Seth
2008 NCPH Student Project Award Winner: Queering the
Caroliniana (and Public History) – Santi Thompson
Consulting Comments
When History Happens – Jonathan Fein
Cosmopolitanly: Public History: Hong Kong – Steve Lubar

Volume 27

Vol. 27 No. 1 December 2006 (pdf)

Long Range Planning for NCPH
Treasures of American History – Peter Liebhold
Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling – Steve High
NCPH Board of Directors Fall Meeting
Whither The Public Historian? A New Editor’s View – Randy Bergstrom
Committee Reports
Introducing the NPS: A Review – Susan Ferentinos

Vol. 27 No. 2 March 2007 (pdf)

From the Program Committee – Rose Diaz
Report from the Local Arrangements Committee – Jon Hunner
2007 Annual Meeting
From the Director’s Desk: Long Range Plan – 2012 (Draft) – John Dichtl
NCPH Election Results
Intersections: Getting to Know You: Universities and Museums Working Together – Melissa Prycer
Intersections: First Forum Success – Marc Mappen, Karl Niederer, and James F. Turk
Public History for Undergraduates-John Krugler and John Schlotterbeck

Vol. 27 No. 3 June 2007 (pdf)

Annual Meeting Award Winners and Scenes of Santa Fe
Final Thoughts on the 2007 Meeting – Sarah Younker-Koeppel
NCPH Board of Director’s Spring Meeting
Intersections: The Space Between – Denise Meringolo
New Consultant’s Award and Other Changes

Vol. 27 No. 4 September 2007 (pdf)

“What is Public History?” Redux – Cathy Stanton
Committee Reports
Annual Report – John Dichtl
NCPH Finance Report – Patrick Moore
Teaching American History Grant for NCPH Partnership
HRA New Professional Award Winner – Lee Wittman




Volume 26

Vol. 26 No. 1 Fall 2005 (pdf)

NCPH Board Appoints Dichtl as New Executive Director
Creating a Homeland Security History Office – Priscilla Dale Jones
How Homeless of Central Florida Experienced Three Hurricanes – Luke Leonard and C. Reider Howe
From the Director’s Desk – David G. Vanderstel
President’s Comments – Robert Weible

Vol. 26 No. 2 Winter 2006 (pdf)

Joint NCPH and OAH Annual Meeting – Robert Weible
Sharing the Findings of History – Daniel T. Miller
Preserve Nevada and Public History at UNLV – Andy Kirk
From the Director’s Desk – John Dichtl
Changes in H-Public – Cathy Stanton
Place Matter at the Creating Livable New York Symposium – Marci Reaven

Vol. 26 No. 3 Spring 2006 (pdf)

2006 Annual Meeting
NCPH Future Seems Bright – Bill Bryans
2006 Award Winners
Code of Ethics: David Neufeld and Rebecca Conrad
Documentary Editing – Daniel Hochfelder
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers – Suzanne Julin

Vol. 26 No. 4 Summer 2006 (pdf)

Why Preserving Historical Artifacts–AKA Junk–is Important – Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth
Celebrating Preservation Law – Sarah Younker-Koeppel
Getting the Most Out of Federal Funds – Sandra Clark



Volume 25

Vol. 25 No. 1 Fall 2004 (pdf)

Taking History to the Public via “Reality” Television – Susan Cain
NCPH Awards-Call for Nominations
2005 Call for Papers

Vol. 25 No. 2 Winter 2005 (pdf)

2005 NCPH Annual Meeting-Defining Region: Public Historians and the Culture and Meaning of Region – Ray Geselbracht
Making Meaning of Murder – John Russick
President’s Comments: Research at Risk? – Sharon Babaian

Vol. 25 No. 3 Spring 2005 (pdf)

NCPH Annual Meeting in Kansas City a Success
Public History in Sydney – Paul Ashton and Paula Hamilton
Documenting Abraham Lincoln – John A. Lupton
NCPH 2005 Election Results
Public History Inc. Partners with Library and Archives Canada – Fred Hasking
Index Project for The Public Historian – Tory Swim and Paul Sandul

Vol. 25 No. 4 Summer 2005 (pdf)

Annual Report 2004-2005 – David G. Vanderstel
Committee Reports
NCPH Bulletin
Patrons and Sponsors
NCPH Awards-Call for Nomination

Volume 24

Vol. 24, No. 1 Fall 2003 (pdf)

The Risks of Professionalizing Local History: The Campaign to Suppress My Book – Robert R. Weyeneth
Finding a Virtual Needle in the Digital Haystack – Debra DeRuyver and Jennifer Evans
2004 Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting – Marla Miller
NCPH Welcomes New Staff Member
Endowment Campaign Update
Army Builds New Archives – Maj. Michael Lynch
NCPH Awards Calls for Nominations

Vol. 24, No. 2 Winter 2004 (pdf)

2004 NCPH Annual Meeting – Doria Durkin
Boston Women’s Memorial: A Collaboration Between Artists, Historians, and the Public – Meredith Bergman
Raising Funds for Editing Projects in Today’s Economy Requires Creativity and Perseverance – Peter Engelman
NCPH Election Results
Endowment Update

Vol. 24, No. 3 Spring 2004 (pdf)

The U.S. National Slavery Museum: The First of Its Kind – Vonita W. Foster
Preserving America’s Sacred Ground – Glenn F. Williams
“Network to Freedom” Succeeds in Getting the Public Active in History – Diane Miller

Vol. 24, No. 4 Summer 2004 (pdf)

Annual Report 2003-2004 – David G. Vanderstel
NCPH Award Winners
NCPH Awards-Call for Nomination
Patrons and Sponsors
Committee Reports






Volume 23

Vol. 23, No. 1 Fall 2002 (pdf)

Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History Opens September 11 Exhibition
The Community History Project – William Munn
NCPH Year-End Financial Statement

Vol. 23, No. 2 Winter 2003 (pdf)

NCPH Receives NEH Challenge Grant to Support Endowment Campaign
Changes to the Indiana University’s Oral History Research Center – Barbara Truesdell
Meaning and Memory in New Jersey Historical Society’s “Changed Lives” Project – Adele Oltman
Veterans History Project Launches National Registry of Service – Mark Hall

Vol. 23, No. 3 Spring 2003 (pdf)

Public History in Britain? – Dr. Jill Liddingon
NCPH 2003 Election Results
NCPH Award Winners Announced
Guest Column – Arnita Jones

Vol. 23, No. 4 Summer 2003 (pdf)

Annual Report, 2002-2003 – David G. Vanderstel
Student Project Award
HRA’s New Professional Travel Award
Covering the Landscape and Extending its Borders: Submissions to the 2003 Student Awards Committee -Marie Tyler-McGraw
NCPH Officers and Committees
Committee Reports

Volume 22

Vol. 22, No. 1 Fall 2001 (pdf)

Upton Fellowship Created to Strengthen Program Commitment to Culture and Environment – Kristin M. Szylvian
Senate Historical Office Oral History Project – Betty K. Koed
America’s Heritage to Receive a Check-up – Kristen Overbeck
NCPH Year-End Financial Statement
NCPH Awards Announcement

Vol. 22, No. 2 Winter 2002 (pdf)

Follow the North Star: An Underground Railroad Immersion Experience
-Michelle Evans
Americana Online: Two Scholars Bring History to Life on the Internet – Pamela H. Sacks

Vol. 22, No. 3 Spring 2002 (pdf)

Muslim Americans and September 11th-Peter Alter
September 11 and the Role of the History Museum
Records, Research, and Restitution: The National Archives and Records Administration and Holocaust-Era Assets 1996-2002 – Greg Bradsher
Los Angeles County Websites Bring the Past into the Present

Vol. 22, No. 4 Summer 2002 (pdf)

Annual Report – David G. Vanderstel, Executive Director NCPH
NCPH Gains Membership in ACLS
NCPH Officers and Committees
Annual Committee Reports
NCPH Award Winners
NCPH/HRA New Professional Award
NCPH Student Project Award


Volume 21

Vol. 21, No. 1 Fall 2000 (pdf)

Picturing the Future: A Suggested Approach for Preservation Planning – George McDaniel and James Hare
Practicing Public History: Reflections from the UK – David Peacock
Trying to Bring New Stories to Old Sites – Donald L. Stevens and Theodore J. Karamanski
Adam’s Mark Trial Moved to St. Louis-John Dichtl

Vol. 21, No. 2 Winter 2001 (pdf)

“Belonging: Public Historians and Place” NCPH to Meet in Ottawa, Canada, 19-21 April 2001 – Sharon Babaian
The Canadian National Photography Collection – David Monaghan
Reaching the Public: Historians and the World Wide Web – William G. Thomas
Workshop at Grand Portage on the History of the Fur Trade: A Participant’s Reaction – Clarice M. Ritchie Werle

Vol. 21, No. 3 Spring 2001 (pdf)

The Life of a Popular History magazine – Ray Boomhower
2000 NCPH Election Results
Public History and School Come Together in NCHE-Elaine Reed

Vol. 21, No. 4 Summer 2001 (pdf)

Annual Report – David Vanderstel
2001 Award Winners
Annual Committee Reports
Officers and Committees Listing






Volume 20

Vol. 20, No. 1 Fall 1999 (pdf)

Life at the Greenbrier for a Historian – Robert Conte
Museum Complex to Focus on Native American, Agricultural and Environmental Heritage – Nick Clark

Vol. 20, No. 2 Winter 2000 (pdf)

NCPH to Examine “Us and the Wider World” at 2000 Annual Meeting in St. Louis – Martin Blatt and Rebecca Conard
The Challenge of “Too Much” History: The AIDS History Project at the National Institutes of Health – Victoria A. Harden
National History Day Thrives in 25th Year – Peggy Dillion
Report from the Field: The Partnership in Interpreting the Texas Past – Martha Norkunas

Vol. 20, No. 3 Spring 2000 (pdf)

Six Proposals to Revive the Humanities – Robert Weisbuch
Public History: The Next Generation, Reflections of a Veteran – Barry Hutcheson

Vol. 20, No. 4 Summer 2000 (pdf)

Annual Report, 1999-2000 – Michael Devine
Mark Your Calendar for Ottawa in April 2001! – Rebecca Conard
2000 NCPH Award Winners – Michael Kelleher (HRA New Professional Award) – Susan Asbury and Kathy Hilliard (Student Project Award)
NCPH and OAH-The St. Louis Conference and Future Joint Meetings – Marty Blatt
Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Committee and Board Positions – Martha Norkunas



Volume 19

Vol. 19, No. 1 Fall 1998 (pdf)

What Did You Do After Graduation: Results for The NCPH Survey of Public History Alumni – Patricia Mooney-Melvin and Jerry L. Fousty
The Building Blocks of History – Patti Linn and Donna M. Neary
History in Public Interest: The Grand Rapids Example – Gordon L. Olson

Vol. 19, No. 2 Winter 1999 (pdf)

“History in the Public Sense: Historians and their Publics” 1999 NCPH Annual Meeting in Lowell, Massachusetts – Gray Fitzsimons
Middletown Research Center Exemplifies Historical Research in the Public’s Interest – Bruce Geelhoed

Vol. 19, No. 3 Spring 1999 (pdf)

Preserving Papers and Paint: The Corporate Archives of Benjamin Moore and Company – Barbara Mayer
The Challenge of Teaching History in a Secondary Classroom – Howard Connelly

Vol. 19, No. 4 Summer 1999 (pdf)

Annual Report, 1998-1999 – Dwight Pitcaithley
Creating an Oral History – Jane Wehrey
Field Service Offices and Public History – Andrew Verhoff







Volume 18

Vol. 18, No. 1 Fall 1997 (pdf)

Why Heritage is Not a Bad Word: The Role of Historians in the Heritage Industry – Michelle Dorgan

Vol. 18, No. 2 Winter 1998 (pdf)

“International, Multicultural, Interdisciplinary: Public History Policy and Practice” NCPH 1998 Annual Meeting in Austin – Martha Norkunas and Frances Rickard, Local Arrangements Committee
1998: 150 Years for Women’s Rights – Mary Ruthsdotter
Open Letter (A response to “Why Heritage is No a Bad Word: The Role of Historians in the Heritage Industry” by Michell Dorgan, Vol. 18, No. 1) – Betsy Hirsch

Vol. 18, No. 3 Spring 1998 (pdf)

Qualitative Perceptions of Public History Degree Programs – Rebecca Conard, Wichita State University
Primary Teaching: A unique Professional Experience – Wyness Schamel
My History Day Experience as a Teacher and as a Judge – Rita G. Koman
The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1803-1806 Bicentennial Commemoration – Michelle D. Bussard

Vol. 18, No. 4 Summer 1998 (pdf)

Annual Report, 1997-1998 – Jannelle Warren-Findley
American Social History Project Receives Award – Unknown





Volume 17

Vol. 17, No. 1 Fall 1996 (pdf)

Restored Historic Farm Examines Life in the 1800s – Donna Neary
The Florida Navy Legacy Shipwreck Project – Bruce MacMillan
Virginia Standards and Assessments: The Politics of Reform-Reprinted from The Network News, newsletter

Vol. 17, No. 2 Winter 1997 (pdf)

“Public History and Public Memory”: The 1997 NCPH Conference in Albany – Ivan Steen
Susan B. Anthony: Her Struggle Continues – Mary Kay Glazer
Researching the American Girls Collection – Kathy Borkowski
Another Kind of Glory: Celebrating the Centennial of the Monument to Robert Gould Shaw and the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment – Martin Blatt and Erin Beatty

Vol. 17, No. 3 Spring 1997 (pdf)

History Education and the Public Audience – Christine Compston and Jane McPhetres Johnson
The History News Service – James M. Banner, Jr, and Joyce Appleby

Vol. 17, No. 4 Summer 1997 (pdf)

The Lattimer Massacre: A 100th Anniversary Commemoration – Robert Weible and Kenneth C. Wolensky








Volume 16

Vol. 16, No. 1 Fall 1995 (pdf)

Historic Preservation and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s: A Synopsis – Robert R. Weyeneth
Public History Goes to High School – James A. Percoco

Vol. 16, No. 2 Winter 1996 (pdf)

Seattle to Host the 1996 NCPH Annual Meeting – Lisa Mighetto and Bill Bryans
Presenting the Unthinkable: The United States Holocaust Museum – Mary Morrison
Trinity Site: Where the Sun Rose Twice – Jim Eckles
Historians and Museums Task Force – Patricia Mooney-Melvin
Corbis Corporation Purchases Bettmann Archive – Barbara Schultz

Vol. 16, No. 3 Spring 1996 (pdf)

Bringing History to the Public: The Valley of the Shadow Project – Anne Sarah Rubin
Community Collaboration Teaches Students to Find Their Own Answers – Bonnie Smith
Eating Up History: Harvest Suppers at the Huddleston Farmhouse Inn Museum – Catherine Bohls

Vol. 16, No. 4 Summer 1996 (pdf)

(no feature article)











Volume 15

Vol. 15, No. 1 Fall 1994 (pdf)

Schroeder Saddle Tree Factory Provides Unique Link to Indiana’s Industrial Past – John M. Staicer
Public History in Canada – Sharon Babaian
History Research Training Institute Establisher – James R. Alexander
NARA Evaluates the Electronic Archive of the 21st Century – Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Acting Archivist of the United States

Vol. 15, No.2 Winter 1995 (pdf)

The Nation’s Capital Hosts NCPH and OAH
NCPH Offers Tours – Wendy Wolff
Inventory of Historic Light Stations – Candace Clifford
Maryland Supports Unique Maritime Archaeology Program – Susan B.M. Langely

Vol. 15, No. 3 Spring 1995 (pdf)

The Army Museum Program – R. Cody Phillips
The National Archives on the Information Superhighway – Peter Hirtle
Historic Business Register (HBR) Program at the Indiana Historical Society – Bruce L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Vol. 15, No. 4 Summer 1995 (pdf)

“Enola Gay” Update – Patricia Mooney-Melvin
Colombian Exposition Art – Margaret S. Wherry







Volume 14

Vol. 14, No. 1 Fall 1993 (pdf)

ALHFAM and Living History – Timothy Crumin
Living in the Past – Rick Keating
Mentoring at the AASLH Annual Meeting – Michael D. Carman
National History Day – Cathy Gorn
The HTA/NHEN Find a New Home – Christine L. Compston

Vol. 14, No. 2 Winter 1994 (pdf)

California Welcomes the NCPH
Business as Usual: Trade Literature as Historical Resource – Leigh Darbee
The Houston-Galveston Public History Roundtable – Martin V. Melosi
Compost and Controversy: the Rodale Family Archives – Anthony Rodale
Save Outdoor Sculpture!-Glory – June Greiff
Arthurdale Will Not Forget – Bryan Ward

Vol. 14, No. 3 Spring 1994 (pdf)

Public History in Australia – Shirley Fitzgerald and Paul Ashton
A Co-operative Venture: Publishing a Regional History Journal – Michael V. Hazel

Vol. 14, No. 4 Summer 1994 (pdf)

The Bicentennial of the U.S. Capitol – William C. Allen
The View From the Corporate Boardroom – Marianne Babal, Curator, Wells Fargo Bank
View from a SHPO Office – Amy Dase, Texas Historical Commission
Historians in Consulting – Lisa Mighetto, Historical Research Associates Inc., Seattle




Volume 13

Vol. 13, No. 1 Fall 1992 (pdf)

Developing South Carolina’s State Museum – Nancy M. Higgins
New Directions For the American Heritage Center – Michael J. Devine
The Pioneer As Historian – Michael J. Devine
Jackson County and the “Other” Oregon Trail – Sam Wegner
Creating Magical Boxes – Judy Ferguson

Vol. 13, No. 2 Winter 1993 (pdf)

1993 Annual Meeting -Valley Forge
Consulting on Business Archives or Where s the 500-pound Gorilla When you Really Need One? – Paul Soifer
Picking Up the Pieces: After Hurricane Andrew – David Ferro
Developing A Strategic Plan for Small Museums: An Example – Tiffany Sallee
On Avoiding “Interesting Times”: The Maines and Associates Disaster Planning Text Template – Rachel Maines
Disaster Preparedness for a Historic Structure-Historic Collections Complex – David Lee Colglazier
Columbus and After: Rethinking the Legacy – Joy B. Dunn

Vol. 13, No. 3 Spring 1993 (pdf)

History and Kid’s T.V – Tom Yohe
Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Meet in Long Branch, NJ – George Tselos
Greetings from the Past – Kim Rich
Greenwood Plantation, Tallahassee: A Florida Heritage – Larry Paarlberg
Interpreting the Cattle Baron: Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Deer Lodge, Montana – Rodd L. Wheaton

Vol. 13, No. 4 Summer 1993 (pdf)

History and Fiction – Christopher C. Gibbs
Exhibitions in the Corporate Environment – Phil Mooney





Volume 12

Vol. 12, No. 1 Fall 1991 (pdf)

Buffalo Soldier Monument Planned – Patricia Erickson
Finding the Layers in Your Town – Mary Joan Cook
Augusta’s Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home Saved for Posterity – Karin Calloway

Vol. 12, No. 2 Winter 1992 (pdf)

The Town and City Gallery: Partnerships in Community History – Bill Gates and Ray Schuck
Desert Storm Reflections on the “Information Age” – Rev. Jack Dixon
Teaching Students to Be Historians: The Truman Library’s Student Research Program – Raymond H. Geselbracht
On Writing a “Multicultural” History Textbook – Jane Landers
Fort Clatsop Develops its Education Program – Scott Eckberg
Digging in the Archives: Is Public History Different? – David E. Kyvig
Preparing Adequate Site Histories – Craig E. Colton and Shelly Bookspan

Vol. 12, No. 3 Spring 1992 (pdf)

Teaching History in Eastern Germany After the Cold War – Hans-Jurgen Grabbee
Colt Pistols Returned to PHMC – Susan S. Cohen
National Campaign Launched to Save Outdoor Sculpture – Susan Nichols and Dave Maxfield
Communicating Across Boundaries: Cultural Basics and History Making – Lynne Hamer and Lois Silverman
Archival Research on Women – Jane E. Schultz

Vol. 12, No. 4 Summer 1992 (pdf)

Federal and State Shipwreck Management – Michele C. Aubry
History Making in Public Places: Working as a Folklorist-Historian in Lima, Ohio-Hans Houshower






Volume 11

Vol. 11, No. 1 Fall 1990 (pdf)

Making An Academic Connection – J.D. Britton
The Cabildo Exhibit on Early Louisiana History – Kimberly S. Hanger
Florida’s Preservation Boards Sundowned – Larry S. Paarlberg

Vol. 11, No. 2 Winter 1991 (pdf)

Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Inc. – Mary Ellen Johnson
Lower East Side Tenement Museum – Ruth J. Abram
A Valuable Resource for Public History – Katherine Hamilton-Smith
Clay Tile Products and Preservation in Southeast Ohio – Mary Anne Peters
Whither Goes the NCPH: A query from the West – James C. Williams
Growing Up with the L&N: Life and Times in a Railroad Town – Pat Lane
Center on History-Making in America – Lois Silverman

Vol. 11, No. 3 Spring 1991 (pdf)

On the Road with George Washington – Herbert M. Atherton
By Hammer and Hand: New York Trades Transformed, 1788-1842 – Sally Yerkovick
Professional duties/Professional Rewards – David E. Kyvig
Fort Mose: Colonial America’s Black Fortress of Freedom
Launching a New Historical Journal – Thomas A. Mason

Vol. 11, No. 4 Summer 1991 (pdf)

(no feature articles)






Volume 10

Vol. 10, No. 1 Fall 1989 (pdf)

(Administrative Issue– no feature articles)

Vol. 10, No. 2 Winter 1990 (pdf)

Celebrating a Century of Statehood on the Northern Tier – Margaret C. Kingland, Ph.D.
An Archeologist’s Thoughts on History in Cultural Resources Management: Commonality of Concerns as a Professional Cooperation – John P. McCarthy
Let’s Quit Giving Away the Store – Kenneth N. Ownes

Vol. 10, No. 3 Spring 1990 (pdf)

Boston: Its History – Rosanne Currarion, Susan Keats, Joanne Madden, Kevin McCarthy, J. Charles Swift, Perry Tapper, Kathryn Viens
Professional Conditions for Academic Public/Applied Historians – Jeffrey P. Brown
What is a Public Historian? – Susan E. Keats

Vol. 10, No. 4 Summer 1990 (pdf)

Centennial Fever Grips the Northwest – Todd Shallat, Boise State University





Volume 9

Vol. 9, No. 1 Fall 1988 (pdf)

The Continuing Colombian Exchange-Florida Reclaims Its Heritage Along Spanish Pathways – George Schurr
On the Redefining of History- “Relevance is scary, but it is not a gimmick, and it won’t go away.” – Shelley Bookspan
On Initiating a Public History Program- “To ensure success, one must first educate and informed” – Diane F. Britton
A CRM Primer- some Historical Background and a Few Concerns for Future Deliberations – Kenneth N. Owens
Museum of American Political Life Readies Records, Artifacts for Use-Jerri Newman

Vol. 9, No. 2 Winter 1989 (pdf)

Oral History of Hawaiian Ranch is Price of Hotel Development – Warren S. Nichimoto
On Historical Consulting- “Earn Big Money! Become a Historian,” the matchbook said – Philip L. Cantelon
On Historical Consulting- “This is history, but history with a difference” – Lorne McWatters
The Issue of Legitimacy-History’s Claims in the CRM Process – Kenneth N. Ownes
Video History Adds Dynamic Documentation Smithsonian – Terri A. Schorzman


Vol. 9, No. 3 Spring 1989 (pdf)

“The Prime Objective was protecting life and property” Yellowstone Firefighters Save All Historic Park Structures – Sonya Capek and Timothy Manns
On Litigation Support-Historians, Lawyers, and the Smoking Gun – Paul Soifer
On Litigation Support-Historians, Specialization, and the Toxic Tort – Shelley Bookspan
Voices of Authority, Sources of Learning-Brining More Academic Historians into the CRM Process – Kenneth N. Owens
Public-Private Partnership May Produce Largest Textile Museum – Thomas W. Leavitt

Vol. 9, No. 4 Summer 1989 (pdf)

Battleship Wisconsin Returned to Service After 30- year Hiatus – H. Nichols Muller III and Richard H. Zeitlin
National parks Service Study Presented (An attempt to examine the overall needs of the NPS in research and resource management) – Barbara J. How and Victoria Wyatt
A Historians Life at the National Register: “What are you going to do with a history degree if you don’t want to teach?” – Beth Grosvenor Boland
Getting Folks Together in the Project Area-CRM’s Meeting of Disciplines – Kenneth N. Ownes
History at the Census Bureau – David M. Pemberton

Volume 8

Vol. 8, No. 1 Fall 1987 (pdf)

Social History Project Demonstrates Role of “Ordinary” Americans – Joshua Brown
Paying to Serve the Cause of Public History – Arnita Jones

Vol. 8, No.4 Summer 1988 (pdf)

Washington Still Working to Document Iran-Contra Affair-Pat Harahan
McGovern’s Keynote Highlights Toledo Mid-America Conference – Diane F. Britton

Vol. 8, No. 2/3 Winter/Spring 1988 (pdf)

Maine Project Examines Era of Exploration, Settlement – Marcia Carlisle
Making Ourselves More Useful-A Co-Operation Approach to Equality In Cultural Resources Mgmt.- Edwin A. Lyon
History Through the Grass Roots-Texas programs Use Local History As A Teaching Tool – David C. DeBoe

Volume 7

Vol. 7, No. 1 Fall 1986 (pdf)

Milestone for Historic Preservation – Beth M. Grosvenor
20 Years Later: The National Historic Preservation Act Daniel Greer
Connecticut’s Scholar in Residence Program – Bruce Fraser
Regulations Improve, Problems Remain – Stanley Hordes
Historical Thinking in the Corporate World – John R. Nelson

Vol. 7, No. 2 Winter 1987 (pdf)

History Program Reveals Public Policy’s “universal process.” Interweaving Political, Economic and Social Elements – Daniel Greer
Illinois’ Historic Canal – Jane Hood
Software Revolution for Archives

Vol. 7, No. 3 Spring 1987 (pdf)

Historians and Strategic Planning – Martin Reuss
Senate Historical Office Plans for Bicentennial – Daniel Greer
Exploring North Carolina’s Social History – State Humanities Councils
CRM Process: Historian’s Role Increasing? – Stanley Hordes
Walking Through the Steps of the RFPs – Shelley Bookspan

Vol. 7, No. 4 Summer 1987 (pdf)

Kraft, Inc. Archives – Laurie Cadigan
Author’s Rights – Christin Conklin

Volume 6

Vol. 6, No, 1, 2 and Vol. 5, No. 4 Fall 1985 (pdf)

Making Value Judgments in State and Local Communities: What Does the Preservationist Need to Know -Catherine W. Bishir

Vol. 6, No. 3 Spring 1986 (pdf)

Deficit Takes Toll – Page Putnam Miller
Preservation Law: Committee Eyes Proposals for Change – Stanley M. Hordes
Historians and the Freedom of Information Act – Daniel Greer
Living History-Museums Use Actors to Recreate Historic Settings – Howard Rosen
The Consultant’s Dilemma – Shelley Bookspan

Vol. 6, No. 4 Summer 1986 (pdf)

For Lease – Laura L. Beaty
NCC: The Historian’s Lobby – Daniel Greer


Volume 5

Vol. 5, No. 1 Winter 1984-1985 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

Vol. 5, No. 2 and 3 Spring/ Summer 1985 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

VOL. 6, NO, 1, 2 AND VOL. 5, NO. 4 FALL 1985 (PDF)

Making Value Judgments in State and Local Communities: What Does the Preservationist Need to Know -Catherine W. Bishir

Volume 4

Vol. 3, No. 4, Vol. 4, No. 1 Summer-Fall 1983 (pdf)

History’s Future: A British view – Peter J. Beck
Questions for Public History – G. Wesley Johnson

Vol. 4, No. 2 Winter 1983 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

Vol. 4, No. 3 and 4 Spring-Summer 1984 (pdf)

NEH Summer Institute-Teaching Public History: Reflections in the Cook of the Evening – Anne C. Kaplan
Alaska and Public History – Dale Stirling

Volume 3

Vol. 2, No. 4, Vol. 3 No. 1 Summer/Fall 1982 (pdf)

Public History in Europe: Maiden Voyage – G. Wesley Johnson
A Methodology Based on Limits: The State Humanities Councils and Public History – Bruce Fraser

Vol. 3, No. 2 Winter 1982 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

Vol. 3, No. 3 Spring 1983 (pdf)

The Season of Applied History: Challenging the Frustrations – James M. Banner, Jr.

VOL. 3, NO. 4, VOL. 4, NO. 1 SUMMER-FALL 1983 (PDF)

History’s Future: A British view – Peter J. Beck
Questions for Public History – G. Wesley Johnson

Volume 2

Vol. 2, No. 1 and 2 Fall 1981/ Winter 1982 (pdf)

National Historic Preservation Program Returns to Park Service

Vol. 2, No. 3 Spring 1982 (pdf)

The New Federalism: Or, How Public Historical Agencies and Programs May Survive and Thrive in the New Era-Larry E. Tise

VOL. 2, NO. 4, VOL. 3 NO. 1 SUMMER/FALL 1982 (PDF)

Public History in Europe: Maiden Voyage – G. Wesley Johnson
A Methodology Based on Limits: The State Humanities Councils and Public History – Bruce Fraser

Volume 1

Vol. 1, No. 1 Summer 1980 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

Vol. 1, No. 2 Fall 1980 (pdf)

(no feature articles)


Vol. 1, No. 3 Winter 1981 (pdf)

(no feature articles)

Vol. 1, No. 4 Spring 1981 (pdf)

(no feature articles)


*most of the information in the first volume covers news and announcements.